“Nice” Weather 1/25

It was 38 degrees Fahrenheit in Jyväskylä today. Looking at the weather last night I couldn’t wait for it! So when I woke up this morning to the sound of rain, I grinned.

It has not yet been warm enough for snow to turn to rain so it was really exciting. I knew the snow on the sidewalks would melt and it would be kind of ugly and slushy outside, but what I didn’t know was that under that snow on the sidewalks are just layers and layers and layers of ice. My walks to and from campus were much longer and included many more moments of me on the ground. The city workers here in Finland do lay gravel on the sidewalks but sometimes you just fall anyway. The funny thing was, other people (I’m assuming Finns) just walked right along. Several people were even walking and texting! It cracked me up. Here are a few pictures from my walk home.IMG_0197IMG_0200

Regardless of the deceiving weather, I survived and am now back at home for the night packing for my first adventure outside of Finland. This weekend me and about 10 other students are going to Stockholm. We will arrive early Friday morning and I, and a few others, will fly back on Monday afternoon. It should be fun! I will post an update of how the weekend goes later on next week. Until then, beware the ice.