World Wide Wanderlust: Tervetuloa, from Finland

Hei (hello) all from Pori, Finland. I must say, I could not have every anticipated the shear bitterness of the Finland winter. It is very frigid, but still very beautiful. The sun sets at 3:37 pm, my time so it gets very dark, very early. It is a wonderful city and today I got to experience a European shopping mall. Surprisingly, it is very similar to American shopping malls, however, navigating can be a struggle. Really, navigating any and all of the city is fairly difficult on my first day. I am waiting to receive a bike to use for transportation for the length of my stay, so I will be getting in plenty of exercise while I am here.

I had some road bumps along the way trying to make it to Pori in one piece. First I left my wallet (with all of my important documents, IDs, credit cards, cash, etc.) at home in Fairbury. Luckily I was able to bump my flight to a later one that would not conflict with my remaining two flights. I made it to Chicago and then onto Paris safely. I didn’t have much time in either city to stop and look around. Once I got off my plane in Helsinki, I was lucky enough to have LOST one of my bags. No worries though, it did not board in Paris, but made a flight all by its lonesome last night. Hopefully I’ll get ahold of that puppy sooner than later. Right now I’m just trying to take in the sights and praying for a peaceful adventure (of a lifetime I might add).




4 thoughts on “World Wide Wanderlust: Tervetuloa, from Finland

  1. Hannah~So exciting to hear about your experience!! Be safe… Can’t wait to hear more!!

  2. So glad you made it safely! Hope you continue to enjoy your travel aboard. Take care!

  3. Thanks Hannah! I will be looking forward to hearing more from you. So exciting! And your mom looks beautiful with graying hair, but she doesn’t need any more!

  4. Happy to hear you’re in Finland ! I imagine it’ll take a while to adjust to short daylight time! Really excited for you Hannah. Have fun and BE SAFE.

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