World Wide Wanderlust: Life lessons are hard to learn

Things I’ve learned:
1. Do not ever let anything important out of your sight, possession, etc. Make sure you know AT ALL TIMES where your valuables are at, even if it means you have to stop at every street corner to give yourself a pat down.
2. Lock everything. Always lock everything. Lock your phone, lock your computer, lock your apartment (but don’t lock your keys in your apartment) and lock down your bike like freaking fort knox.
3. Always have a back up communication device (or two). I had my phone stolen last night, had serious computer problems tonight and lost all communication, but then remembered that I had my iPad packed away as well. If you only are relying on one form of communication to get you through an international trip, you thought wrong. I forgot a lot of valuable travel accessories on this little adventure of mine, but lots of technology thankfully was not one of them.

After all the chaos that has happened in my life in the past couple of weeks, it is easy to look at myself with utter frustration. It’s easy to say ‘screw it, I’m coming home’. But then I have to think to myself…… Nothing about coming to Pori, Finland (of all the places I could have chosen) was easy. Moving away from my family and friends to a community where I am the only American and only native English speaking person was probably one of the hardest things I will ever do in my life. But I didn’t hesitate for even a moment. I have had my moments of weakness on this journey, sure, but as I’m evaluating my situation, I can see all of the wonderful people at home that I have grown to appreciate so much more just in the 3 short weeks I have been away from them. I also have met some of the most amazing friends in Pori that I know I will be friends with for the rest of my life and I know that I can’t complain about a thing. Life goes on.


World Wide Wanderlust: Bikes and seas and classes oh my!

Hei hei,

With my first week abroad officially under my belt, I have so many amazing things to share.

First things first, all the students here use bicycles as their primary mode of transportation. I was lucky enough to find a cute, second-hand bicycle from a Pori local for just 35 euro. It took my body some getting used to (I haven’t rode a bike since middle school) but now it is so much more convenient than walking and takes about half the time. On my first bicycling adventure, I was heading to my first class. The class was in the evening, so here the sun had already set and it was as dark as you could imagine. I was cycling alone, thinking I could use the map on my phone for guidance. That was a decent idea except that I didn’t factor in the below freezing temperatures. My phone froze and turned off, so what should have been a 10 minute bike ride turned into about a two hour bike ride and I missed half of my Introduction to Finland course. All is well though, I made a few friends out of the deal and of course they took advantage of making the American the butt of the joke.

After that endeavor, a Dutch exchange student offered to help me get to the other campus the following day for class. Now I’d say I’m pretty accustomed to the route, no phone necessary! It’s safe to say now that I’m comfortable with the trip to class that I am loving it! My classes are all wonderful and I love them (maybe more than American school). This week a class of mine is going to a refugee camp to interview war refugees. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and I never could have anticipated anything like this! The workload is also much less here. Lots to do, but much less stress.

I also got the opportunity to visit the Baltic sea as my first little adventure here. It is absolutely beautiful and a nice little getaway here in Pori. I am in complete awe at the beauty here. Pori is kind of a hidden beauty and I’m very blessed to have this wonderful city as my home for the next few months. It makes me so excited to explore the rest of the country and the world. So far I am planning a trip to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day and another to Spain in May before I travel back to the states. I also am just a short boat ride away from St. Petersburg, Russia so I hopefully will get the chance to visit.

Finally, I experienced my first international “gathering” and boy was it something. All of the international students here are so kind and I love all of the new friends I’ve made! We all kind of just hang out in one of our apartments and listen to music and talk about life and home and everything. Also, for anyone ever travelling to Europe, be easy with European alcohol. It has a much higher concentration and puts you on your butt far more quickly.

Anyways, that is all I have for now. Until next time,

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World Wide Wanderlust: Hello my only one


So Pori is still just as beautiful as ever. Adjusting to the short daylight hours and the eight hours I lost during travel has been quite the task (I’m still not adjusted), but I think the biggest struggle I have faced thus far is being American…. the only American. There are only about 20 international students (students not from Finland) at my University. The majority are from France, a small amount from China, and then me. I can’t say I am entirely surprised though.

For those who know me well, you know that I am a pretty loud and outgoing person in the states….. Well you could only imagine the way that comes across to Europeans. My roommate tried to explain to me the difference in what I would consider “personalities” between Americans and Europeans from different areas. Basically what I grasped from the conversation is that I scare them. I think they’ll start warming up to me though, sooner or later.

I haven’t really gotten out to do a whole lot of “fun” things yet. I’m trying to take advantage of some quiet time to adjust as best I can and try to be as prepared as possible for the upcoming semester. Paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork has pretty much consumed the first three days of my trip, but I’m not complaining. I have a pretty nice view out my bedroom window.

I don’t want to share too much with you all on just my second post, so until then.

Niin kauan nyt,


World Wide Wanderlust: Tervetuloa, from Finland

Hei (hello) all from Pori, Finland. I must say, I could not have every anticipated the shear bitterness of the Finland winter. It is very frigid, but still very beautiful. The sun sets at 3:37 pm, my time so it gets very dark, very early. It is a wonderful city and today I got to experience a European shopping mall. Surprisingly, it is very similar to American shopping malls, however, navigating can be a struggle. Really, navigating any and all of the city is fairly difficult on my first day. I am waiting to receive a bike to use for transportation for the length of my stay, so I will be getting in plenty of exercise while I am here.

I had some road bumps along the way trying to make it to Pori in one piece. First I left my wallet (with all of my important documents, IDs, credit cards, cash, etc.) at home in Fairbury. Luckily I was able to bump my flight to a later one that would not conflict with my remaining two flights. I made it to Chicago and then onto Paris safely. I didn’t have much time in either city to stop and look around. Once I got off my plane in Helsinki, I was lucky enough to have LOST one of my bags. No worries though, it did not board in Paris, but made a flight all by its lonesome last night. Hopefully I’ll get ahold of that puppy sooner than later. Right now I’m just trying to take in the sights and praying for a peaceful adventure (of a lifetime I might add).