Rainbows in Limavady

As we get further in December, it’s been raining more here, but the temperature has stayed pretty consistent, around 50 or so. However, when I saw sunshine approaching on the weather forecast I knew I had to squeeze in one more outdoor excursion.

Some friends and I headed to Limavady, to walk in Roe Park. It was a beautiful nature trail along the Roe River, and the day was perfect with blue skies. I was also glad for some time with the friends I’ve made here, as people are starting to head home after classes end. I’ll miss the people I’ve met here most of all, as I think people are what make any experience worthwhile.

Limavady itself was a cute little town, all decorated for Christmas. Another thing I will miss about Ireland is all the cute small businesses, from the little shops to the unique cafes. After we walked in the park, we stopped in town to grab a tea and a pastry before making our way back home to Coleraine.Limavady 2 Limavady 3 Limavady 4 Limavady 5 Limavady

And a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas from Belfast!Belfast Christmas market Belfast City Hall Christmas lights in Belfast Christmas tree

The Christmas markets are open all over Europe, so I had to take a train trip down to Belfast to experience it for myself. It was just as beautiful as I expected, with lots of stands selling homemade wares and of course it was all lit up for Christmas! I did lots of eating, as everything smelled too amazing not to try. My favorite was a baked apple from a German stand, with cinnamon and butter. I also had a hot cider, as it was pretty chilly, although nothing like the snow on the ground back home.

Even City Hall got into the spirit with tons of decorations in an already beautiful building. I loved the giant Christmas tree right in the main entrance. If I wasn’t in a festive mood before, I sure am now!

And most of all, I am so glad I got to share this experience with my brother. My Christmas present from my parents was sending my younger brother Jeremy out for a week-long visit. I loved showing him where I’ve been living these past couple of months, and sharing these memories with him. Best of all, I know I’ll be seeing him again very soon for Christmas Day.