Obligatory Food-Centric Post

Sunday night we had a welcome dinner courtesy of ISA at a place called Ai Spaghettari and, yeah. I don’t even know where to start. We walked in – there was probably at least 50 of us – into this tiny restaurant and there was a guy tossing pizza dough into the air and then turning around and getting bread out of a serious brick oven. At that moment I knew I was in Roma.

We sat down to a table already stocked with bread, balls of the freshest, most delicious mozerella, prosciutto, a bottle of sparkling water, and a bottle of still water. We had barely started eating when a server brought a platter of bruschetta. I am already a huge fan of bruschetta so it didn’t have to do much work, but man. The tomatoes were so fresh and the sauce was light but delicious. The minute we finished that a pizza was set on our table. It was basically just the crust and meat. The meat looked like ham but with spots of white and grey….I don’t know what it was but it was surprisingly delicious. It was salty and the crust was to die for. Then a mystery dish was brought. We had no idea what it could be. It just looked like little fried balls. AKA the most delicious fried balls ever. It was rice, beef (?), and cheese. Fried. We found out later they are called “suppli” and I remembered hearing about how delicious they are before coming over here.

Bruschetta (the correct pronunciation is broo-ske-ta!)

Bruschetta (the correct pronunciation is broo-skeh-ta!)

Still don't know what the meat was. Still delicious.

Still don’t know what the meat was. Still delicious.

Suppli! All these pictures are of the food half-eaten because I didn't want to wait to take a picture before eating it.

Suppli! All these pictures are of the food half-eaten because I didn’t want to wait to take a picture before eating it.

At this point we thought our meal was over. But no. Then the pastas came. The first was a pasta called calamari rings (I think?) in basically a butter sauce and seasoning. I could only eat a few but it was fantastic. Then another pasta! This one was ziti with red sauce and a mystery meat that I stayed away from (my vegetarian tendencies are deeply engrained) but it was equally delicious. At this point we were about to burst. Was it over? No! The next dish – SO WEIRD AND YOU WOULD NEVER GUESS BECAUSE IT’S A WEIRD ORDER OF COURSES – was potatoes. God personally created those potatoes I swear. They were kind of cubed, but not that exact, and they melted in my mouth. I’m sure they were slathered in butter, so super healthy, but who cares. I will never forget those potatoes. Thank you for those potatoes, Roma.

The best potatoes I will ever eat.

The best potatoes I will ever eat.

Next was what I had been trying not to get my hopes up for because I had no idea what we would be getting out of this free meal (although at this point all my expectations had been blown away). Next was dessert. I made sure to ask the server what the name of it was because it was so good. It is called mimosa cake. I’m not exactly sure of these exact ingredients, but I’m pretty sure it had chocolate and vanilla custard layered with a super light sponge cake and whipped cream. It was incredible and the perfect ending to this insane meal.

In total: seven courses – not counting the bread, mozzarella, and prosciutto that already was on our tables. It was the perfect welcome dinner to Roma. Thank you ISA!

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  1. Oh Maddie, keeping up with your life is so exciting. We get chills seeing your blog. You are so ready for this experience and open to all the things it will bring. Food and all. This will not be your last time in Rome. Love

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