L2 and a View

The first week of classes is over… and we all survived!

After a night class, a few of my US friends and I climbed to the top of one of our school buildings to get some shots of the city at night. All the red cars lined up are the taxis, and if you look closely, you can see the neon Burger King sign to the left.

P1000420 (640x481)

I’m already getting a lot of practice with my Spanish with my host family, ordering things at restaurants and stores, and a few homework assignments. In one of my classes, I’m learning about the process that students here use to learn English, which is really interesting!

I was very confused when I first arrived because street signs and names are seldom used here. However, I am getting more acquainted with my route to school and some of the other places in town. If you visit, I can show you the landmarks I use to find my way around, including cemeteries, parks, churches, and “the house with the zig-zag bricks.” Here’s a view of my street!

P1000416 (640x472)

My host family has been wonderful, letting me tag along to the houses of other family members, the grocery store, museums, and the mall! I also love just spending time at my host home, doing homework or reading and enjoying the breeze. Our front patio is my favorite!

P1000417 (640x480)

Even though culture shock and homesickness are present, I am working on my routines and settling in to my temporary (but lovely) home. :)

Pura vida!


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I'm a senior at NWMSU, studying Spanish and English Education. My semester will be spent at Universidad Nacional in Heredia, Costa Rica. I'm studying abroad to improve my Spanish skills and to learn about another culture that I've only admired from afar, la vida tica! :)