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More about orientation week!

Our third day of orientation began our excursions. We started at La Sabana Metropolitan Park in San Jose. Here’s our first group picture!

P1000357 (480x640)

We went to a natural history museum that had really interesting displays with shells, fossils, rocks, and animals.

P1000367 (640x479)

It was back to San Jose for day 4, starting with walking around the city and finding this beautiful church. It was very open, like many of the buildings here.

P1000377 (640x480)

Unfortunately, I began to feel sick that day. I know it’s common for bodies to rebel when they’re under the stress of getting accustomed to a new place, but I was frustrated that I had to go home and rest instead of spending more time in the city. Feeling sick in a new place definitely made me miss the comforts of home more, also. However, my host mom took me to the clinic, and she has been wonderful in helping me to feel better! I was nervous about holding up during our last day of orientation because I knew it would be a long one, but I’m so glad I decided to go!

We left early so we could drive a few hours to get to the rain forest. We started our day with a banana plantation tour. We learned all about banana plants and how they go from the rain forest to our tables with their little Dole stickers. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures because we got a lot of rain during the tour.

During lunch, we visited a jungle lodge and did some exploring. That’s where we came up with Indigenous Floss (both a prediction of the use of a certain rain forest plant as well as an excellent band name to use in the future).

P1000397 (640x480)

P1000392 (640x480)

After lunch, we went to another part of the rainforest to learn how chocolate was made back in the good ol’ days. The tour started with a walk across one of the longest suspension bridges in Costa Rica (about 800 feet long!) It was scary, but a really neat experience.

P1000402 (640x472)

We got home late because a landslide closed the road we had taken in the morning. Our road home was very curvy, but the views were beautiful. I guess it was just a reminder that you can always find something good when things seem bad. I’ll need to keep that in mind as we start classes soon! :)

Pura vida!


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