Roto el hielo :)

Observations during this orientation week have been so numerous that I’m going to have to make more than one post about it!

The weather here is BEAUTIFUL. There are almost constant breezes that make drying clothes outside the ideal option. See below, the patio and clotheslines behind my host home.

P1000342 (600x800)

I haven’t mastered the ATM/bank situation just yet, but I am slowly figuring it out. Look how pretty Costa Rican colones are! I think it’s good for my budget because they’re so pretty that I don’t want to spend them.

P1000374 (595x800)

This is my host dog, Lulu! If she looks sad, it’s probably because I had to steal an oreo wrapper from her. But I’m sure she’ll forgive me when she realizes it was for her own good.

P1000345 (800x600)

It’s strange to me how quickly my confidence in speaking can shift. Sometimes at school I can’t even form basic sentences, but then I can come home and tell my host mom everything I did that day. Then the next day will be the exact opposite! Here’s the first picture I’ve taken of my school.

P1000348 (600x800)Orientation has been stressful, but it’s also been really good. Having something to do is much better than spending all my time at my host home missing my US home. I am SO happy to have met the other students in the exchange program (a.k.a. mis amigos gringos).

More to come soon! Pura vida!


P.S. The title loosely translates to “breaking the ice,” something my host brother, Victor, taught me. :)

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