Why Am I Doing This?

That is an excellent question. Why in the world would I leave my wonderful family, friends, and boyfriend to live in another country by myself (well, with a host family) for almost five months? I’ve been asking myself that pretty much every day lately.

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • Costa Ricans (ticos) as a whole are relaxed and happy with life the way it is. As a constant planner, I could use a dose of pura vida! (literally meaning “pure life,” but used as a greeting, farewell, an expression that things are going well, and/or saying good luck and with connotations of living well in general) Blog1


  • I get to try a whole bunch of new foods! From traditional Costa Rican food I’ve only read about (pinto gallo, fried plantains) to things I know, only fresher (coffee, chocolate, fruit); I can’t wait for this part!



  • My Spanish needs mucha ayuda! For the English speakers reading this (Mom and Dad), that means “a lot of help!” If I want to teach other people Spanish, I know there is no better way to take in the language than by dropping myself into one of its natural habitats, even if it is really terrifying.



  • Costa Rica is ridiculously beautiful. Even though I’m not there yet, the pictures I’ve seen are telling me that I’m making an excellent choice to spend my time surrounded by some of the most amazing scenery in the world.



  • Meeting new people, extending my comfort zone, being enlightened, etc. :)



  • Honestly, the idea of leaving tomorrow is BEYOND scary, but I want to push myself to do something I once thought was only a picture on my Pinterest bucket list (see below). Here’s to being able to put a big “DONE” underneath it come June!



Pura vida!