First Stop: Italy

My love for Italy grows each time I get the opportunity to visit. The people are kind, the food is delicious, and the history is abundant. The first two stops of my Easter break included Rome and Florence.

In Rome we stayed in a nice little hostel, Starlight, close to the city center. We were in the Italian capital for a total of two nights and three days, but we checked almost everything off of our to-see list!

Starting with a necessary pizza stop!
And then some night time sight-seeing.
Making a wish in Trevi Fountain.
 Touring the Colosseum.
Lots and lots of gelato stops…
Our time in Rome was short, but it was so much fun. We weren’t quite ready to say goodbye to pizza and gelato, so thankfully our next stop was the Italian city of Florence.
Lots of sleepy travelers!
 Fish & chips & locally brewed beer. Yummm.
 This building is covered from top to bottom with fake dollar bills. Makes me cringe thinking about my very “college student” budget…
 The inside of the Brunelleschi’s Duomo. Incredibly detailed and well preserved.
The 414 steps to the top of the bell tower proved to be very worth it!
Everyone was right when saying that Italian men are sharp. Just look at this handsome guy.
 And this is the result of five people fitting into one very small photo booth.
I feel very lucky to have been able to see so much of Italy. Our next stop: France! Paris, France to be exact. That post will be coming shortly :)

The Island Life

The Island Life

     A little taste of the Island life was just what I needed before my classes began to pick up speed. Two weeks ago I visited the island of Mykonos and last weekend I visited the island of Hydra. The season for tourism on the islands is just beginning to heat up. More of the tavernas and shops are open which made these two islands very enjoyable. A lot of the activities on the island consist of relaxing, eating, and exploring; a few of my favorites!

Here are some pictures from Mykonos…

And onto Hydra!
Trying to be a mermaid…
This past week has been full of studying, writing, and tests, but today I will set off on my two week Easter break! Today we fly to Rome and from there we will see Florence, Paris, and Berlin. I look forward to all of the adventures ahead as I near the end of my time abroad :)

Naples, Italy

My first trip to Italy was everything I could have imagined and more. Aurora and I spent five days with her Aunt and Uncle who graciously hosted us in Naples. Our time was spent eating, exploring and relaxing on the balcony. The weather was a beautiful 60-70  degrees all weekend and we took full advantage!


My first gelato experience!


An entire rainbow of espresso choices.



A very American breakfast of pancakes and eggs. Oh how I missed this.


 The excavated site of Ercolano (once under 60 ft of volcanic ash).





The frescos at Ercolano are incredibly well preserved because natural elements weren’t able to reach the ash-covered city.




My first Italian pizza. It was love at first sight.



 Our hosts set up an elegant dinner at a restaurant literally built on top of ancient ruins.















 The Fiat 500 that stole my heart. I’ll be back for you, love.



Exploring the site on the other side of Mt. Vesuvius: Pompeii.





Mt. Vesuvius erupted so quickly that people were cast in stone before even being woken up. This is a man that was sleeping when the volcano erupted.







 The view of the Amalfi coast while heading to Positano.





 And my favorite part of the trip: Positano!






Aurora and I had such a nice time in Naples and we are thankful that there are people like Don and Dorinda, who welcomed us into their home with open arms. Their hospitality was heart-warming.


I am counting down the days until I return to Italy. Next stops: Rome and Florence.