Santorini and Naxos

It still doesn’t seem real that I was lucky enough to spend an entire week with my family on the Greek islands of Santorini and Naxos. We rented a car on each of the islands and made the most of our time. Santorini was smaller than Naxos and had tons of beautiful houses, churches, and beaches. Naxos was equally incredible, but a bit less touristy and offered unique landscapes filled with local farms. We enjoyed each island immensely, and I can’t wait to see these goofballs again in May.



I will begin with some pictures from our time on Santorini:



 The front of Atlantis Books (a very cute bookstore worth the search).





We toured a wine museum which turned out to be a pretty creepy experience…





Complete with talking (and moving) characters.


The wine tasting at the end made up for the whole creepy side of the museum.















Anne Marie found a snail!
















Although the weather was a bit chilly, Anne Marie convinced me to hop in the infinity tub with her. We stayed in for about 3.5 minutes before running back to our villa.





And on to Naxos!








We stayed at Naxos Resort which was beautiful!











I miss my family so much, but the trip was a great reminder of how close they will always be to me. This past week I was in Naples, Italy and I will try to put up a post soon! Today is Greece’s independence day and I have the day off from classes. Aurora, Ashley and I went to a parade and tonight we are going out to dinner with friends. Miss you all!


Kisses, Katie