Week One: Check!

After the first week of classes, a scavenger hunt, and finally tackling jet lag I am enjoying my lazy Sunday in Aghia Paraskevi. The week went by pretty fast and my classes are already in full swing (whether i’m ready or not.) Here are a few exciting parts of my week in Athens!

On Tuesday a group of students went out to eat where I ordered my first of many Greek Salads. It was fresh, colorful, and delicious. After dinner we headed next door for some Crepes.

On Wednesday I visited the school cafeteria and was pleasantly surprised. I ordered salmon, an eggplant dish, steamed veggies, and a Perrier. Not too shabby for a cafeteria! In my Art History class we had a surprise guest; one of the campus dogs. Although the dog was previously believed to be old, blind, and arthritic, he opened the classroom door on his own back legs and entered the class to smell around a bit. I was pretty impressed.

After eating a filling lunch, I headed home to do some laundry and catch up on my journaling. I felt pretty dang European drinking my sparkling water and sitting on my balcony. Oh and here is a shot of campus that I took while walking to class!

To show that I do more than just eat food and lounge around, here are a few other pictures from my week.

Tonight I get to Skype my Mom and Dad and then I will do some reading for my classes. It has been a long first week, but I think I am finally getting the hang of things. Hopefully I will be even less clueless by next Sunday. Oh, and one of my favorite parts of the week was getting to Skype with my boys, Caleb and Payton. Look how handsome they are!