The Best of Slovakia

Hello again!

Last weekend I participated in a trip to Slovakia.  The few people I talked to about it back home seemed to think Slovakia sounded unsafe.  In actuality, it may be my favorite place I have been since I left home three months ago.

We spent three days in this wonderful country enjoying nature for the most part.  The first day we went to two different castles and then went to the hotel we would be staying at.  The castles were hidden and set onto the tops of mountains. They were absolutely beautiful.  The Hotel was in the Low Tatra Mountains.

The second day we saw a small village and then hiked in the High Tatra Mountains.  It was absolutely beautiful and fantastic to get out into nature after not having too much opportunity to escape the cities.  That was the last thing we did for the day because we did quite the trek.

The third day was really quite laid back. We went to a small cave system and explored that.  I didn’t really enjoy that much.  I don’t know if it was because caves are all over Missouri, or if it had something to do with the fact that I saw caves that were more impressive when I was in Japan. After this we went on a four mile raft ride down a river. The boat we were on was similar to the ones that used to be used to take large loads of logs from the mountains to other areas of Slovakia.  This was very enjoyable and a great way to end the trip.

I do not think I’ve made a food post yet, so I will talk about this here. Most of the food in the Czech Republic is very heavy and not something I would usually eat daily in the U.S.  The main traditional meals include potato or bread dumplings with some sort of meat.  The main Slovakian meal is a plate of potato dumplings with sheep cheese and a tiny bit of bacon.  Ultimately the meals here are heavy and it is hard to find a restaurant that serves salads as a meal.

The grocery shopping has been a very interesting experience for me.  Fruit and vegetables are the cheapest thing that you can buy here, where in the U.S. it seems to be some of the most expensive.  I also have noticed that the groceries in general are very cheap when compared to prices back home.  Essentials are super cheap because they actually see them as essential here.  I think I will have a hard time going to the grocery store when I get home because prices will make me cringe.  I also go to the store almost every day here because it is not a big deal to run in and run out in less than five minutes just to pick up a few things.  Back home I can’t get out of the store in less than 30.

I leave in about 3 weeks.

Hope everyone is doing well,