Czech Paradise

Hello again!

Last weekend I went on a Czech Paradise trip.  This was to many little towns around the Czech Republic and was really enjoyable.  The first day was rainy and cold, but we visited a few different towns, a chateau, a church and generally had a good time.  The “hostel” we stayed in consisted of many little cottages set back into the woods.  Each cottage held 2-4 people and were very cute and seemed like something out of a fairy tale.

The second day was really cold but the rain had subsided.  We traveled to another small town and toured a Silver Mining exhibit. The silver mine exhibit was interesting, but not something I would have done on my own.  We went to St. Barbaras church which was gorgeous.  It had fantastic stained glass and beautiful architecture.  We then traveled to another cathedral in the same town that was very open and quite plain in comparison.  It did not have stained glass but instead had huge clear windows that lit the entire church.  We then walked down the street to the bone church.  Oh goodness that was an experience.  The bone church was decorated with human bones.  There were pyramids of bones in each on the four corners, a huge bone chandelier, and many interesting uses of bones in this church. All I could think about was this question.  How many pieces of different people are in this church?

The last day was beautiful and sunny.  We went to a large park and hiked.  There  were huge rock formations, tiny little staircases carved out of stone, and beautiful lookout points. We also went to a small castle and saw more beautiful nature.

Overall, it was a great weekend. We saw quite a bit of the Czech Republic, explored some less touristy places, and saw some awesome nature sights.




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