After 4 Weeks

Hello all,

I’ve been here for about 4 weeks now and I’m having a fantastic time.  I have less than 90 days left here, so I need to start traveling more than I have so far.  Yesterday I actually went to Prague or Praha as they call it here.  I went to the first ever roller derby game in the Czech Republic which was awesome!  I saw quite a bit of the old city, but didn’t like how most of the square was just souvenir shops.  The buildings were gorgeous and that was a nice change.  The atmosphere was amazing and I loved the experience.

I’ve learned some key Czech Phrases so I am able to communicate a little bit in Czech, but not much.  I am able to take public transport and not feel like I’m going to get lost, and I also feel confident in my ability to actually buy things at the grocery store.  So many things are impossible to read that I just guess sometimes.  Luckily most of the groceries here have fairly good pictures to tell you what is in the package.

My classes are awesome and rather interesting.  My Modern Czech Theatre class is probably my favorite because I feel like I’m learning so much.  I have lots of work to do in my History of Central Europe class, mainly because I feel like I know absolutely nothing about the history of this region.  I think that is one flaw in what I learned in high school.  My whole world history class was spent talking about China and really very little of anything else.  The area has a very interesting history.

Overall everything is fantastic here!

Michelle Signing off!

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I'm a Junior at Northwest Missouri State University and a Speech/Theatre Education major. I enjoy the outdoors and love exploring the world. I will be in the Czech Republic for about 4 months starting February.