The First Full Day

Hello all,

Today was my first full day in Brno and it was amazing.  I would firstly like to say that I did arrive safely after almost 24 hours of travel time.  I was exhausted when I got here last night but decided to unpack and talk some with the roommate and meet a few new people.  I then promptly fell asleep until about 10am.

Today I got ready and went to the lobby of Vinarska.  There was a scheduled “Brno City Game” and I decided I should go to meet new people and to explore the city so that I am not totally lost.  I had an absolute blast. I met so many new people and had such good conversations.  The city game was to find certain things and ask questions of the locals.  We found everything and learned what a lot of things were called.  I also realized that you can ask most people under the age of 30 a question in English and they can usually give you some sort of answer either in English or with gestures.

It snowed as we all left for the game, but it was a pretty snow and lasted pretty much all day!  I am loving meeting new people, exploring the city, and just having fun.  I ate dinner with a large group and had Risotto with smoked goats cheese on top.  I had never liked any goat cheese in the states, but this was super yummy.  I may eat this again sometime I enjoyed it so much.


Michelle Bartels– Signing off.


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