Getting Ready To Leave!

Hello All,

I’m trying to finish up preparations for leaving so that I do not get stressed out on the week that I finally leave.  I’ve already been to the doctor, dentist, filled prescriptions, taken care of registering for classes and housing in the Czech Republic.  The sheer amount of things to be done before you leave the country is disgusting.  I still need to talk to my bank which is very important to make sure that I can use my bank card over there.

I got my visa back from the Czech consulate so I am good to go on that aspect.  I will leave from KC, fly to Ft. Worth, then London, and then on to Vienna.  I’ll get to Brno on the 9th of February.  This means I have about 18 hours in transit which doesn’t really seem that bad. I’ve been getting excited the last few weeks because this trip is finally becoming real to me.  I’m going to get to meet new people, grow as a person, and become more independent.


Michelle B. Signing off!

Hello and Happy New Year

Hello everyone!

Since this is a new year I decided I should start working on this blog a little early.  My name is Michelle Bartels and I am in the middle of my third year at Northwest Missouri State University.  I am a Speech/Theatre Education major.  I will be here for your blogging pleasure for the next 6 or 7 months.  Since I will be here fore a while, I’ll let you into my life a little bit.  I play roller derby for the Blacksnake Roller Girls in St. Joe.  I’ve been doing this since June of 2012.  I enjoy spending time outdoors and exploring nature.  I will be leaving for the Czech Republic on February 8th and will be there until the end of May.  I know many of you would ask “why the Czech Republic?” My answer to you is that this destination had my major in their school, were a country that seemed okay for a female in her 20’s to visit, and didn’t speak English.  I wanted to plop myself in an environment where I would have to figure things out on my own and either sink or swim.  Hopefully Masaryk University will give me the opportunity to grow as a person and learn more things about myself.

Michelle Bartels- Signing off.