Candle in the Wind

So, if you haven’t noticed, there has been a distinct lack of output in the writing on this here blog. Pull a chair up and have a seat, for I will tell you a tale that should last no more than a few paragraphs.

big book

Not this many paragraphs, thankfully. (Image fromĀ

Lets start at the beginning, shall we? My Northwest laptop – an HP Probook 6455b, if you care to know – decided to be on the fritz in the past few weeks, since my arrival into Maastricht in late August. It was hanging in there, surviving by way of just barely working; freezing up was a common trait. So I put up with it, hoping that it will make it all of the way through my semester of studies.


Here it is, doing its best to look smug. (Image form

But then came a fateful date, a Sunday night in the second floor dining room of Avant Garde. After an awesome second biking adventure into the countryside of Netherlands, I was dutifully surfing the interwebs, looking at Google Maps to see how far my biking trek was made (not to Germany, sadly). But in a moment that goes by incredibly fast (but not nearly as fast as me changing the channel if Jersey Shore happens to be on), a glass of water fell upon the table, spewing that watery stuff right under my laptop.


Your IQ just dropped upon seeing this image. (Image from

In a flash, my laptop was already pulled up and away from the table, courtesy of my friend Manon, but damage had apparently already been done. The underside was wet, but not enough to alarm me at the time. I sat the machine off away from the table and spent the 5 minutes or so cleaning up the mess.

I returned to my computer and found it shut off, oddly. I made an attempt to turn it back on, but all that greeted me was the blackness of the screen. I made several more attempts to get the blasted machine to turn on, but there was no luck: it was dead. My computer had its candle burn out long before its legend ever did.

So now my (dead) laptop is working out as en expensive paper weight, or working as a gentle reminder that gravity is still working. Luckily for me, I had my backup laptop ready at hand – a Google Chromebook, model Cr-48, running Ubuntu Linux 12.04 (nerdiness FTW).


So full of nerdy sultriness. (Image from

The WiFi card was normally been on an idiot in this particular machine, always connecting and disconnecting. This past Sunday, I figured out via research on the Internet that taking apart the computer and disconnecting and reconnecting the WiFi card should get it working again. Sure enough, it does!

Now I await the arrival of a new laptop from the USA, courtesy of my parents. My dead laptop shall stay by my side until I have the opportunity to return it to Northwest in January, so I should definitely have a fine paper weight/gravity reminder for the time being.

the paper weight

My paper weight, serving its purpose well.


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