Austin Meyer

About Austin Meyer

Austin Meyer has been Northwest Missouri State's assistant men's basketball coach since the 2008-09 campaign. After earning his bachelor's degree in 2006, Meyer was hired as a graduate assistant under then-head coach Steve Tappmeyer, who would name Meyer his full-time assistant two years later.

HOF, Homecoming and Hardwood Picks

It was a busy weekend in Maryville. On Friday, the 2001-02 Bearcat basketball team was inducted into the Northwest Missouri State Hall of Fame. Eleven members of that team were in attendance for Friday Night’s Banquet. Those included: Matt Rowan, Scott Fleming, Sam Sutera, Ben McCollum, Brandon Rold, Floyd Jones, Keenan Weir, Kelvin Parker, Jesse Shaw, Chris Borchers and Joel Yeldell.

The stories began to flow and it didn’t take long for everyone to pick up where they left off when leaving Northwest. The brotherhood and family feel of Northwest basketball is still in tact. Continue reading

Calling All Fans – It’s Western Week!

Saturday’s game will be the most important of the season for two reasons – it’s the next game on the schedule and it’s against rival-Missouri Western. We hope to have a packed Bearcat Arena Saturday afternoon and we’re asking you to help make that happen.

Jim and Amy Goecken of The Student Body (and Center Court Cat Club members) will be giving away 300 Bearcat basketball t-shirts and numerous gift certificates. In addition, Carson’s Sports Grille will hand out certificates and host our CCCC post-game social (contact me if you are a CCCC member and plan to attend!)

Adding to the game’s importance are its MIAA Tournament implications. There are five games left on the slate, including three home games in each of the next three Saturday’s. Three games separate us from the fourth-place Griffons, who have one win on our court since 2002. Each game is important for every team fighting to play in March.

In the last decade, we’ve had one of the best home records in all of Division II (113-23) and we have you to thank for providing us one of the best atmospheres in which to compete. We hope everyone will come out, be loud and crazy, and make Saturday afternoon a green and white one.

See you then!

The Start of the Second Half

With the second semester beginning, it’s time for our athletes to get back in the routine. As a player, you always enjoy Christmas break. Even though our athletes may have only had five full days off, they enjoy the time away from class.

It can be difficult going to four classes in a day, then have a three-hour practice, then study for a quiz or exam and then doing it all over again the next day. It is nice for our players to get some mid-season rest and relaxation time. Christmas break is a time to grow closer to your teammates, especially in a town that is chopped in half over the holiday break. Continue reading

The Season is Here, The Future is Bright

Hello again everyone! Our season began last Friday with an exhibition game against the Missouri Tigers in Columbia. We were happy with the way our team competed as we found ourselves playing even basketball with the Tigers for the first 17 minutes or so. We did lose, so we can’t be too happy and nobody likes moral victories!

The regular season began with a 105-55 win vs. Manhattan Christian on Monday night and a 79-59 Victory over Benedictine on Thursday. Continue reading

What’s On the Agenda?

Basketball season is officially underway. Our first official practice took place Oct. 15. We have one month to get our system drilled into our athletes before our first game.

We begin our season Nov. 13 against the Missouri Tigers in Columbia. Missouri advanced to the Division I Elite Eight last season. I have a good feeling we won’t be the favorite in this one, but we hope to go in and compete at a high level! Continue reading

A Day in Basketball Land

5:05- Alarm clock goes off

5:15- Alarm clock goes off

5:25 Alarm clock goes off

6:00- After listening to half a Kenny Chesney song in the car, I make it to work for individual offensive development day for a few of our guys. Most of them would rather shave their tongue than get up at 5:30 for a workout, but they know it gives them a chance to be successful. Today’s workout included relocating on dribble drives, coming off ballscreens, and some various reads within our offensive sets. Continue reading

The Center Court Cat Club

Over the last eight seasons, the Northwest Bearcat basketball program ranks in the top 10 nationally based on win-loss record. It’s not a coincidence that the Basketball Booster Club has been in existence for that same eight-year span.

The Center Court Cat Club (CCCC) was conceived in 2001 with the purpose of supporting the men’s basketball program through promotion, fan support and financial contributions.
The CCCC boasts a broad membership base consisting of private individuals and local businesses that are committed to helping our basketball program maintain its place as one of the premiere NCAA Division II programs in the nation. Continue reading

It Was Great To See…

Graduate Assistant Andy Peterson and I headed out to Arrowhead Stadium Saturday afternoon thinking about all the great people we’ve met at Northwest over the years. It was great to see everyone!

It was great to see…New President John Jasinski and his family. I got to watch the first half next to Matt, Dr. Jasinski’s oldest son and current Graduate Student. Athletic Director Dr. Bob, the founder of the Fall Classic at Arrowhead. Orrie Covert and Neil Elliott, Alumni Relations and University Advancement. Allison Strong, Kori Hoffman and Rick Carter, the Bearcat Basketball Super Fans. Continue reading

A New Year Begins

The school year began Monday and the calm summer months are now in the rearview mirror. My first day consisted of a 6 a.m. wake up call and a 40-second drive through rush hour Maryville Traffic (Sure beats the Grandview Triangle).

A 7 a.m. compliance meeting was the first gathering our team had as a whole. Then it was off to the first day of class. Our assistants made sure everyone was ready to go and headed to the right place. It’s very important that all our athletes get to class and get off on the right foot. Continue reading

Bearcats and Royals

The ups and downs of being a sports fan!

With the calm before the sports storms rolling in this week, for blog #2 I will jump outside the box a little, out of the pages Coach Stein…

What classifies being a winner? I would have to say hard work, team chemistry and attitude are ingredients that a winner mixes for success. Northwest Missouri State University is a winner. From top to bottom, the University has been very successful with academic and athletics standards second to none. Our faculty and staff are top-notch and our school is something we should all be proud of! Continue reading