Gene Steinmeyer

About Gene Steinmeyer

Gene Steinmeyer coached the Northwest Missouri State women’s basketball team for 13 seasons before retiring after 26 years as a collegiate head coach after the 2011-12 season. He retired as the second winningest women’s basketball coach at Northwest as his 2010-11 team won both the MIAA Regular Season and Tournament Championship advancing to the NCAA National Semifinals one game shy of the national championship game.

Do You Remember Me?

                The 12th addition of the Youth Basketball Tournament the women’s team sponsors is in the books for 2012.  It was a little smaller in size, but it was pretty much typical of other years.  I have always felt like the Communication Department could win awards doing a documentary on the behavior of fans, who are parents of the participants. Continue reading


I feel very badly about this, but my retirement has caused a couple of friends to test the job market.  My assistant coaches, Meghan Nelson, Addae Houston, and Chuck Fox will all seek employment in other places.  Chuck probably will stay at Northwest Missouri State with another graduate assistant position other than basketball.  My graduate assistant, Gentry Dietz, will probably remain in that position with the new women’s coach. 
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Bring on the Fans

                I am writing this blog on the eve of the men’s national championship game.  It’s the battle of the “K’s”, with Kentucky a heavy favorite over the local Kansas Jayhawks.  Sam, my 12-year old son is gearing up for the game.

                You would think Sam would be a Kansas supporter.  In 2008, he actually shed tears when the Jayhawks trailed Memphis by nine points late in the game.  He almost ruined the sofa springs, jumping up and down when Mario Chalmers hit a 3-point field goal at the buzzer to send the game into overtime.  I thought he would rap toilet paper around the light fixtures in our house when Kansas finally secured the win. Continue reading

What’s in a Number?

                This is the time of the year that numbers develop adjectives, especially in basketball.  The NCAA I men’s and women’s tournaments begin with 68 teams.  The rest of the NCAA basketball, divisions two and three, begins with 64 teams.  There are no adjectives with these teams.  Maybe we could call it the sexy sixty, but that hardly refers to basketball.  When these teams are selected, a verb is associated with these teams; it’s called, “Let’s go dancing!”  All 392 men’s and women’s NCAA teams have made the “Dance” (a noun) and they can’t wait to go dancing.  Continue reading

Raising Arizona

                Late last Wednesday, the dream trip following my retirement announcement came to an end.  I had traveled over 2,500 miles with my 12-year old son, Sam and my 14-year old grandson, Jacob.  We had traveled through four states, seen small towns, cities, mountains, deserts, and greening fields of wheat.  Most importantly, we had seen four major league spring training games and explored every corner of Phoenix, AZ and its suburbs. Continue reading

The Toughest Blog 2

            A week after my retirement announcement, Sam, Jacob and I piled in a car and headed to spring training in Arizona.  My son, grandson and I will spend four or five days in spring training as we follow our passion for baseball.  Before I left, I wanted to follow last week’s blog with the names of a few people that have meant a lot to me. Continue reading

The Toughest Blog

My coaching career has come to a close.  Please don’t call me a liar if you view me coaching my son, Sam’s, Little League baseball team.  However, that’s as close to sneaking out of retirement you’ll see me.  There won’t be any George Foreman-type coming out of retirement.  Coaching has been my life, but I hope it didn’t define my entire life.  I guess we’ll see what happens. Continue reading

When the Going Get Tough. . .

                It seems like a long time ago, but this Wednesday marks exactly one year to the day that our women’s basketball team clinched their first ever MIAA regular season championship.  This year hasn’t exactly gone by the script I wanted to write for my Bearcat team.  A few people have asked me if this is the toughest year I’ve had in coaching. Continue reading

Career Day

This week I was asked to speak to the sixth graders at Maryville Middle School.  They have a monthly speaker talking about their profession.  Chelli Green told Beth Findley, both sixth grade teachers, to ask me to speak about coaching.  The fact that Sam, my son, is a sixth grader probably had something to do with my invitation. Continue reading

Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz

Since I was a kid, I have always loved late night television.  My parents forced me to bed at 9 pm, but I would sneak to the door and listen to westerns like Cheyenne.  I f you remember Cheyenne, you are starting to get a little elderly.  It was one of two or three westerns that rotated each week.  I don’t remember which network, but there were only CBS, NBC, and ABC.  I know one of the others western’s was Sugar Foot.  There were other television shows of the old west in the late 1950’s and 1960’s like Lawman and Maverick.  I loved them all even if I could only hear the words and gunshots through my bedroom door. Continue reading