3-Layers to Coaching

In February of 1968, I was an 18 year-old in the thrones of senioritis and a member of a very average high school basketball team at Wilber-Clatonia High School.  Our coach was Don Zeiss.  He was a good coach that tried about anything that would coax a win out of a bunch of average athletes.

The most memorable ploy was a Saturday trip to Milford High School on a Saturday night.  We had been embarrassed by some team on Friday and Coach had to try something dramatic.  He walked into our locker room before we were to begin our warm-ups.  Coach Zeiss, with proper emphasis, told us we were un-coachable.  He told us if our goal was to drive him out of coaching, we had succeeded. Continue reading

Where’s My Salt Shaker?

This past weekend, my wife, Michele, four friends and I went to a Jimmy Buffett concert in Kansas City.  Michele has always been a “Parrot Head” ever since I introduced her to this beachcomber, country-style, Caribbean-type music that has made Buffett popular for the last 40 years.   It came to me while I was making fake Shark fins with my hands above my head (Fins) that I could relate a lot of past and present experiences to Jimmy Buffett’s lyrics.  You may have to skip this edition of Stein’s Blog if you don’t know much about Jimmy Buffett.  It will sound really strange as I relate lyrics to events.  Heck, my “Attitude” has change with my “Latitude.”  (Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude). Continue reading

Sometimes life doesn’t go according to our plans

I’m a planner.  At times, I probably plan to a fault.  Early on in our marriage, I usually ruined our vacations because I was so fixated on staying on schedule.  The schedule that I had created and had no one to answer to if we didn’t follow it.  It would greatly frustrate my wife, Heather, who is more of an easy-going, rest-and-relax kind of vacationer.  I have good intentions.  I want us to see all the landmarks and experience as much of the culture and traditions of a new place as possible.  But sometimes, I get so caught up in my schedule that we don’t relax and enjoy each other and our time together.  Continue reading

Do You Remember Me?

                The 12th addition of the Youth Basketball Tournament the women’s team sponsors is in the books for 2012.  It was a little smaller in size, but it was pretty much typical of other years.  I have always felt like the Communication Department could win awards doing a documentary on the behavior of fans, who are parents of the participants. Continue reading


I feel very badly about this, but my retirement has caused a couple of friends to test the job market.  My assistant coaches, Meghan Nelson, Addae Houston, and Chuck Fox will all seek employment in other places.  Chuck probably will stay at Northwest Missouri State with another graduate assistant position other than basketball.  My graduate assistant, Gentry Dietz, will probably remain in that position with the new women’s coach. 
Continue reading

Bring on the Fans

                I am writing this blog on the eve of the men’s national championship game.  It’s the battle of the “K’s”, with Kentucky a heavy favorite over the local Kansas Jayhawks.  Sam, my 12-year old son is gearing up for the game.

                You would think Sam would be a Kansas supporter.  In 2008, he actually shed tears when the Jayhawks trailed Memphis by nine points late in the game.  He almost ruined the sofa springs, jumping up and down when Mario Chalmers hit a 3-point field goal at the buzzer to send the game into overtime.  I thought he would rap toilet paper around the light fixtures in our house when Kansas finally secured the win. Continue reading