What’s in a Number?

                This is the time of the year that numbers develop adjectives, especially in basketball.  The NCAA I men’s and women’s tournaments begin with 68 teams.  The rest of the NCAA basketball, divisions two and three, begins with 64 teams.  There are no adjectives with these teams.  Maybe we could call it the sexy sixty, but that hardly refers to basketball.  When these teams are selected, a verb is associated with these teams; it’s called, “Let’s go dancing!”  All 392 men’s and women’s NCAA teams have made the “Dance” (a noun) and they can’t wait to go dancing.  Continue reading

The Spring Time

Let me start by apologizing for the delay in blogs.  Spring is a crazy, busy time of year in college athletics.  Currently, we have six sports playing on campus.  It was eight until the basketball season ended.  It is the most fun and action-filled time of the year, but it is overwhelming at times.  Continue reading

Raising Arizona

                Late last Wednesday, the dream trip following my retirement announcement came to an end.  I had traveled over 2,500 miles with my 12-year old son, Sam and my 14-year old grandson, Jacob.  We had traveled through four states, seen small towns, cities, mountains, deserts, and greening fields of wheat.  Most importantly, we had seen four major league spring training games and explored every corner of Phoenix, AZ and its suburbs. Continue reading

The Toughest Blog 2

            A week after my retirement announcement, Sam, Jacob and I piled in a car and headed to spring training in Arizona.  My son, grandson and I will spend four or five days in spring training as we follow our passion for baseball.  Before I left, I wanted to follow last week’s blog with the names of a few people that have meant a lot to me. Continue reading