In the fall of 1973, I walked into an old, brick school building at Humboldt, Nebraska.  It was my first job in education and my first real pay check.  Just to give you a point of reference, 1973 is the year that gas prices had the audacity to soar to over $1 per gallon.  It scared me so much; I traded away my 1966 Ford Mustang for one of the very first Subaru’s imported to the United States.  I really wish I had my Mustang back today.  Continue reading


                I have an old notebook laying around the house somewhere.  It has mostly boring basketball information cover to cover.  However, one page is dedicated to a newspaper article.  It has a picture of a man raking leaves off his yard.  Those leaves are from three years ago and the man raking the leaves is the president of the Procrastination Club.  Anyway, the man thinks he is still the president.  Apparently, 15 years ago the man won an election but the Club hasn’t gotten around to the next election.  That is procrastination.  The Club should be proud of its leader. Continue reading

The Diet

As I sit in my office on Tuesday and gaze at my Kansas City Royal alarm clock on the bookcase, I do a little quick mathematics and realize its 3 hours and 46 minutes until THE DIET.  I’ve finally had all I can take.  I just can’t go shopping for a larger waist line “just for comfort.”   I am finally giving in.  I am letting my wife, Michele, boss me around for an undisclosed amount of time as I try to grow back into some new, but outgrown jeans.  She starts me on “The Diet” in exactly three hours and 44 minutes. Continue reading


Wow.  That took a while.  The first three blogs came quick and easy.  Then we had both basketball teams playing and football in the playoffs.  The holidays were rapidly approaching.  I could go on.  Time got away from me.  But I am back and so is the blog.  Since it’s been a while, I’ve got a lot to cover so I will hop around this week.

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He Said What?

I think every coach has a collection of things they say in certain situations on the basketball court.  Some of it can’t be printed publicly, but some of it can actually add humor to a tough situation.  One of the better coaches I learned the coaching craft from was Bob Bargen.  Bob was the boys’ basketball coach at Milford High School.  I joined his staff as the freshmen coach after two seasons working with the junior high program. Continue reading