Spending Quality Time in a Laundromat

I am on the road over our mandatory seven-day Christmas break.  Instead of packing all the closes I need and lugging around a big, heavy suitcase, I like to pack a small one.  If I run out of clothes, I find a Laundromat.  Sure, I waste an hour or so of time, but the benefits of your run-of-the mill, neighborhood Laundromat more than makes up for the loss of time. Continue reading

Naughty or Nice?

This week is that magical time of the year where almost everyone is asked the same question, “Do you believe?”  Of course, I’m talking about your belief in the jolly, old, fat guy; the guy who can visit more rooftops in 24 hours than Ft. Hays makes 3-point shots.   Most of the coaching staff at Northwest has babies, toddlers, or inspiring- to -be teenagers.  In a climate like that, you have to believe.  Santa’s appearance at our athletic director, Wren Baker’s, and our soccer coach, Tracy Housa’s houses, will really be special this year.  Both families have baby girls celebrating their first Christmas.

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It’s been a busy week.  You can see my problem if you follow my blogs.  It’s Friday and I am just turning this week’s blog into our Sports Information Director, Phil.  Phil is very understanding and I’m pretty sure he won’t punish me for being a few days late. 

I’m afraid I have a dilemma with punishment.  It’s actually late Thursday night and I just got done with a grinding session of sixth grade math.  I’m an old middle school math teacher.  The word old is the key adjective in the sentence.  Continue reading

Who’s listening?

I usually have a conversation with the opposing coach before each game.  I have to admit, there are a few coaches that the less personal contact I have with them the better.  However, that number is small and even dwindling as my coaching brethren retire into important roles, such as keeper of the recliner.


Saturday, we faced Washburn University.  Their outstanding coach, Ron McHenry, and I usually have a pre-game chat.  When I came up from the locker room, I saw my son, Sam, had Ron cornered on the bleachers.  Continue reading

They Will Grow On You

I bet every one of you has something that you will never let go.  You know what I mean; it might be a sweater that fits just right or an old car you don’t have the heart to send to the junk yard.

That item for me has to be my Kansas City Royal sweatshirt.  I got it as a gift from Bob Herald, the UNO baseball coach.  When I got that gift, maybe 20 to 25 years ago, Bob was a manager in the Rookie League for the Royals.  In the off-season, Continue reading