The Secret Code

I grew up in a little farming community in southeast Nebraska.  My class in school had eight students through most of my elementary days.  Seven of those eight students were boys.  We were kind-of a scrawny bunch.  None of the seven males were ever going to play major college football or become professional wrestlers.  We had to bond together to avoid the bulling from the older boys.

Despite our lack of muscular power, I had a neat childhood with my buddies.  We had club houses, tree houses, secret basement rooms (now called man-caves), and a great network to avoid the bullies.  Once, we attempted to build a log cabin in Clatonia Crick (not Creek).  We weren’t great architects, but the walls were starting to take shape.  The older boys in Clatonia, my tiny hometown, got suspicious because we were never around during those warm, summer afternoons. Continue reading

The Bucket List

Each year, the sports information director gives each player a handout they must return to use in the women’s basketball media guide.  Somewhere in that handout are a several personal questions.  I think the idea is to get to know the players and how they think off the court.

Silly questions like their favorite color, their favorite television show, or what they want to be when they graduate are the most in-depth these questions get.  I thought I’d take a different approach to getting to know my players.  I asked them to tell me what the top item was on their bucket list. Continue reading

I Can’t Get It Out of My Mind

Most mornings, the same routine is followed by the Steinmeyer household.  I’m the first up and do nothing useful for at least an hour.  Oh, I think I’m accomplishing something while everyone sleeps, but that only happens when I’m desperate.  For instance, if I just couldn’t keep my eyes open to break down game film on an opponent, I put it off as long as possible, which means I’m up at 5 am in the morning.

I get Sam, my 12 year old son, out of bed, feed him breakfast, and hustle him off to school.  Just as he gets out at the front of the school, my routine is to repeat those famous lines Pat O’Brien used in the film, Knute Rockne, All American.  O’Brien played the great Notre Dame football coach, Knute Rockne.  As his team was in the locker room at halftime of a game with Army, which was ranked number one in the nation, he recalled a final meeting with his greatest player. Continue reading

Don’t blame the coach

The football team lost a great college football game to an MIAA opponent.  It was the first loss to an MIAA team in five years.  It takes a lot of luck to have a streak like that.  If we don’t run back a blocked extra point a couple of years ago against Washburn, this loss isn’t that significant.  What about the miracle field goal at Central last year?

It also took a lot of luck to beat the Bearcats.  Pitt State had to convert a third and 24 in the games first possession of the second half.  Their quarterback couldn’t hit green turf in the first half.  The same field goal kicker that provided the miracle at Warrensburg last year hit the crossbar this year.  It was Pitt State’s luck it bounced back instead of through. Continue reading