Tales From Little League

The summer is almost here and I am knee deep into the toughest two-and-a-half months of coaching I have all year. You might think that has something to do with Bearcat women’s basketball. That does consume a lot of time, but I’m talking about a real coaching challenge. Coaching is teaching and sometimes this coaching job looks like I can’t teach a thing. These two-and-a-half months are nerve racking, frustrating at times, rewarding at times and always, always a challenge. Of course, I’m talking about coaching my son’s Little League team. Continue reading

Heaven and Jelly Doughnuts

The TV show, 24, has one episode left. I don’t know if you have followed the eight seasons where Jack Bauer, played by Keifer Sutherland, has 24 hours to save the world from some type of disaster. This is the last season, so the big question is will Jack Bauer survive? Bauer has overcome drugs, torture, stabbings and shootings to find his way through eight, 24 hour thrillers. My hope is they keep Jack around for possible movies. If they kill him off, I hope they find a way to bring him back with either a miraculous survival or a spirit of himself.

Another favorite show from the past was Magnum PI. That show spent a couple of episodes at the end with Magnum hanging on to life. He found a way to help his buddies in spirit by bribing his guardian angel with jelly donuts. That final show was labeled Heaven and Jelly Donuts. Continue reading

Sports Media

A couple of weeks ago, an old friend contacted me. He asked me if I could hook up with a friend of his who wrote for an Oregon newspaper. They were doing a feature on Dana Altman, the former Creighton men’s coach that took a job at the University of Oregon. Dana is from my high school district, so I directed him to the mayor or whoever knew Dana well. The old friend was Dave Sittler, the best sports reporter I’ve ever known. Continue reading