The Fine Line

What do Central Missouri, Pittsburg State, Washburn and Northwest Missouri State University have in common? They can all pound their chests and proudly proclaim that they beat the NCAA II national champion.

On Friday night, Emporia broke open a close game in the last five minutes for a 12-point win against Ft. Lewis University. Emporia was certainly talented. They raced through November, December and January with only one loss. Then, amazingly the Hornets lost three regular season games in February. Their losses were to Central Missouri, Pitt State and Washburn. The Hornets appeared to be a lock to win the MIAA regular season championship, only to see their old Kansas foe, Washburn, come on late in the year to claim the crown. They didn’t even make it to the finals of the MIAA Tournament when Central Missouri led almost the whole game to send them home. Continue reading

The Other Side

Saturday night the unthinkable happened. Little Northern Iowa, the men’s champion of the Missouri Valley Conference, beat the mighty top-ranked Jayhawks from Kansas. Not very often do these upsets grab the nation’s attention like this one. However, basketball has had its share of headline grabbing upsets. I’m just guessing here, but if the sun did come up in the Jayhawk nation Sunday morning, I don’t think anyone noticed. It would be interesting to see if the suicide hotline experienced a large spike in calls Saturday after the game. The Kansas City Star showed only pictures of suffering Kansas players and fans. Sherron Collins even compared the defeat to a death in his family. Continue reading

New National Holiday

Almost all kids love Christmas. It’s the greatest holiday of the year. Sure, the Easter Bunny will load you up with sweets. Cupid can stick an arrow in you somewhere on Valentine’s Day. Your parents are great finding the best gifts for birthdays and don’t ever forget the Tooth Fairy, even if kids now-days think he/she looks like The Rock. No matter what you stack against it, Christmas is the greatest holiday. Continue reading

Was It Just a Dream?

Somewhere between my eighth and 12th birthday, I would have this one particular reoccurring nightmare. In the nightmare, I would be asked to deliver a letter or a box to some unknown person. This delivery would be no easy task. Sometimes, I would have to travel by horseback over the mountains (when I was a kid, I wanted to grow up and be a cowboy). Sometimes, I had to walk to complete the delivery (I also thought a hobo’s life sounded pretty good). That why I dreamed of horses and hiking. This was a true nightmare and not just a strange dream. This was no ordinary delivery. To accomplish my mission, it would take 3-5 years. For someone 8-years-old, a five-year task seemed like a lifetime. The worst part of the nightmare came in the middle. I somehow had rode or walked to the halfway point of my journey when I would make a terrible discovery. I had left the letter (or box) at home. It would be two years to get back home to get the letter, then another five years to deliver it. I swear I wasn’t trying to make a delivery on Mars. Continue reading

What Will March Bring?

If you have read any of my blogs, you know that telling a story is usually the topic of the blog. Since I’ve been around a while and I have a pretty good memory of the past, its fun to relive some of those sports moments with the readers. My wife just tells me I have a big mouth. I think she’s probably right.

Last Saturday, we had a special day for Mary Collins. Mary played basketball at Northwest from 1991-95. She grew up in the Jefferson school district and her kids will all attend school there. Her husband, Dan, is a respected high school football coach at Stanberry. This summer, Mary was diagnosed with breast cancer. She began a web site called “Mary’s Fight.” Saturday was “Mary’s Fight Night,” where she was the honorary coach and the events of the day honored Mary. It was fun to do something nice for a former Bearcat. Continue reading