The Season is Here, The Future is Bright

Hello again everyone! Our season began last Friday with an exhibition game against the Missouri Tigers in Columbia. We were happy with the way our team competed as we found ourselves playing even basketball with the Tigers for the first 17 minutes or so. We did lose, so we can’t be too happy and nobody likes moral victories!

The regular season began with a 105-55 win vs. Manhattan Christian on Monday night and a 79-59 Victory over Benedictine on Thursday. Continue reading

What’s in a Nickname?

Ever since I began my coaching career, I have been fascinated by what lengths schools will go to so we all know the difference between the male and female teams. I began my head coaching career at Wilber-Clatonia High School. When I arrived, I found out I was coaching the Lady Wolverines. My contention was no one would want to get in the right position to find out if it’s a male or female wolverine, so we became the “Wolverines” and set aside the gender issue.

At many Northwest Missouri State University functions, you will hear my boss, Dr. Bob Boerigter, declare, “Once a Bearcat, always a Bearcat!” I agree, but I have some reservations if anyone wanted to take that literally. Have you ever seen a real Bearcat? They’re not that cute and actually are pretty ferocious. A real bearcat is native to Asia. It has the head of a cat and a very woolly body of a bear. Most people who see a real bearcat are not impressed with its beauty. The voice of the Bearcats, Matt Gaarder, informed me that when a bearcat becomes excited, it emits a smell like popcorn. Another words, if you get a bearcat mad at you, it may either eat you or take you to a movie. Continue reading

What Does a Coach Wear?

The basketball season begins next week and everyone will be wondering how the Bearcat women’s team looks this year. Will they be big and slow? Will they be small and fast? Will they have a bunch of new faces? I’ll bet hardly anyone will ask, “What’s the coach wearing this year?” I’m going to give you a reason to check it out.

Back in the 2000-01 season, I’m having a conversation on the bench with former Missouri Western women’s basketball coach, Dave Slifer. Just like always, Dave looked dapper in his suit coat and tie. I sat beside him much more comfortable in my stylish sweater. Pete Chapman, the late Western athletic director, comes up to us and says specifically to me, “Doesn’t Northwest pay you enough to buy decent clothes for the game?” Pete did have a way with words. However, I was not offended as you will find out at the end of this blog. Continue reading

The Rumor Mill

There have been some monumental rumors that will live in people’s memories forever. Probably the greatest rumor ever was started during a popular radio show on Halloween night in 1938. I don’t think many people reading this blog, if I have any readers, were snuggled around the radio after an evening of treat or treating to listen to Orson Wells. He broadcast very convincingly that the earth had been invaded by Martians. Since no one could text, email, twit, or Facebook in 1938, the rumor spread. People even committed suicide rather than being taken captive by these aliens. Of course, it was just a Halloween prank.

One of the most shocking rumors I heard was during my college days. The rumor Paul McCartney of the wildly popular rock band, The Beatles, had died, spread like wildfire. McCartney hadn’t been seen in a while. Continue reading