The Things That Come Out of Coaches’ Mouths

I love analogies. There are a lot of things that happen in basketball that can be compared to other things in life. For instance, I often use the old adage, “Even a blind sow can find an acorn.” That might imply that I just found a great recruit or maybe it’s a big win, but to be ALWAYS politically correct, I represent the sow in that phrase.

Past players often come back and say phrases I don’t remember saying, but they definitely remember them. I want to tell you a couple of my favorites and the origin of each.
The oldest one I use came from my college days at Kearney State College, now the University of Nebraska-Kearney. I was a senior in college in the winter of 1973. Actually, it was my second senior year. That’s how much I enjoyed college. Continue reading

What’s On the Agenda?

Basketball season is officially underway. Our first official practice took place Oct. 15. We have one month to get our system drilled into our athletes before our first game.

We begin our season Nov. 13 against the Missouri Tigers in Columbia. Missouri advanced to the Division I Elite Eight last season. I have a good feeling we won’t be the favorite in this one, but we hope to go in and compete at a high level! Continue reading

The First Five Days of Practice

There’s nothing to compare the feeling and attitude in the air on October 15. That marks the first day of practice for all NCAA schools. I will try to give you an inside look at the first five days of basketball practice for this year’s women’s basketball team. Sometimes, you will see the practices from my point of view. Other times, I will try and read the minds of my players.

DAY 1: Sixteen basketball players and all of them have dreams of great plays ahead of them. Each individual is absolutely sure they are starting material. Each individual is positively sure that not a single team on our schedule can beat us. National championship, here we come! Continue reading

What is a Poophead?

What is a poophead?

Coaches are always getting labeled by someone outside coaching. For instance, we might be a player’s coach. I’ve heard coaches called things like a great x & o guy, a person who really relates to their players or a great delegator.

On the harsher side, I’ve heard coaches called control freaks, bad game managers, they love the mind games or just they’re idiots, I could coach better than him/her! Continue reading


After 25 years of collegiate coaching, I have been very lucky to have recruited many, many great individuals. However, behind every outstanding student-athlete you find strong parents. These parents can be real characters, too. I’d like to tell you about a few of them.

I have to start at the beginning. At my first college job, Doane College 25 years ago, a father came to visit with his daughter, Dena. The mother soon paid Doane College a visit. They were Kay and Denny and I’ll never forget them. Continue reading