A Day in Basketball Land

5:05- Alarm clock goes off

5:15- Alarm clock goes off

5:25 Alarm clock goes off

6:00- After listening to half a Kenny Chesney song in the car, I make it to work for individual offensive development day for a few of our guys. Most of them would rather shave their tongue than get up at 5:30 for a workout, but they know it gives them a chance to be successful. Today’s workout included relocating on dribble drives, coming off ballscreens, and some various reads within our offensive sets.

6:30- The rest of our athletes show up for some late September track fun in the cold morning air. Today our athletes ran four timed 400-mter sprints and additional laps for missed times. Some missed by only seconds and were forced to run them again. Hopefully that was a learning experience for some. Your mind always tries to tell you that you are more tired than you really are.

8:00- As exhausted as I was from watching our athletes run, and I do have a high tolerance for their pain, I decided to get my own Wednesday workout. It was chest day for me and country music day in Joe Quinlin’s weight room. Always makes for a good start to a great day in middle America!

8:45- Graduate assistant Jeff Bissen brought a dozen donuts into the office (one of his many jobs). They were gone by the time I got done working out so I went with the next in line on the health chart, three Egg McMuffin’s from McDonalds.

9:00- Back up to the office where Bryston Williams (St. Joe Lafayette HS) is hanging out on the couch waiting for his individual meeting with Coach Mac (our athletes have bi-weekly meetings about life, school and basketball). Our Center Court Cat Club brochures have arrived and now it’s time to label and get them out to everyone on our mailing list. Jessica Malone will help make sure this process goes smooth.

9:45- A brief coaches meeting discussing recruiting takes place. Coach Van Riessen (also known as Tex Winter) is our recruiting coordinator and organizes our trips and recruiting events.

10:15- Joey Mendrala, our student manager from Overland Park, Kan., puts in an old basketball instructional video and takes some notes. A few scheduling calls and hotel reservations then it’s off to check on some of our athletes who are getting some shots in on their own down in the gym on the Shootaway. Our guys made their own competition to see who can get the most makes per week.

12:00- Gina Smith stops by to go over our WOK party plans. Our guys will get together tonight and cook up some food and bond a little off the floor. It’s a Bearcat Basketball Tradition and we thank Jeff and Gina Smith for putting this on for our program.

12:15- Lunch Time. Today’s choice is Carson’s. They will be hosting a Monday afternoon in-season coaches show with 97.1 the Ville. We hope this will help get the word out throughout the season and bring more fans to Bearcat Arena! The Buffalo Crispy Chicken Sandwich, fries, and Coke this afternoon cancel out the morning workout.

1:00- Time to work on the Blog, this week’s topic you ask? Well you’re reading it now. Joel Lincoln, another student manager will now copy some instructional DVD’s and send one to Emporia State Assistant Wes Book. (Let me know if you got it Wes).

1:15- Time for an individual group meeting with Clint Hamilton. Our assistants each have four student-athletes that we monitor. They can come to us for any tutoring needs, questions about plays or on floor needs, and even girlfriend problems (not that we have all those answers, but we can try). It helps that they have someone they can come talk to about anything at anytime. Clint also informs me that he made 500 shots today. I like that!

3:00 – Strength and conditioning time with Joe Quinlin. Today consisted of incline bench press, box step ups, lawnmower pulls, inner thighs, manual resistant hamstrings, and partner band running. Joe and Ben do a great job with our guys.

6:00 – WOK Party. Our team splits up into groups and they create their own food. Can’t really say who the best cooks are, but it is all good!! It’s nice to have all the coaches and players together for a social gathering.

8:30 – Clockin’ out for the day

This weeks shout out goes to former Bearcat Basketball players Joe Price and Matt Rowan who played in the Chip Strong Memorial Golf Tournament this past weekend. Seeing them was good, Matt Rowan’s golf game was not!!

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