Bearcats and Royals

The ups and downs of being a sports fan!

With the calm before the sports storms rolling in this week, for blog #2 I will jump outside the box a little, out of the pages Coach Stein…

What classifies being a winner? I would have to say hard work, team chemistry and attitude are ingredients that a winner mixes for success. Northwest Missouri State University is a winner. From top to bottom, the University has been very successful with academic and athletics standards second to none. Our faculty and staff are top-notch and our school is something we should all be proud of!

I have been fortunate enough to be involved with the men’s basketball program for the past seven years. In that time our basketball program ranks in the top 10 in Division II based on win-loss record, our football program has played in four straight national championships, (un-heard of with the parity in college sports today) and our athletics department continues to succeed as a whole with quality, high character coaches, athletes & administrators. I am very proud of this University and happy to be a Bearcat! And it is GREAT to be a fan of a winning school!

My mother once told me it’s good for your soul to invest in something you can’t control. Well for the last 20 or so years I’ve been a Kansas City Royals fan and, mom, it hasn’t been so good. Growing up just 10 miles from Kauffman Stadium it wasn’t far fetched for me to see 25 games a year in person. It was an easy stroll west down I-70 (Not the I-70 stretch in St Louis which they must have illegally amplified the road because it’s called Mark McGwire Highway.)

I was a huge fan, I could get $5 tickets and sit wherever I wanted. I even made SportsCenter with a home run catch, but being a long time fan of a losing team has taken a toll on me! I have been positive and optimistic while the majority of Royals fans show the zest and enthusiasm of a pinecone when it comes to supporting our home team, but it has been tough. 100 loss seasons, highlights that had a better chance of making the Late Show than ESPN, and heart breaking endings became a regular.

But every year we have a chance (it usually ends by the first of May) & true fans don’t give up! Over the years, the Royal fan could make a long list of heart breaking games that made he or she nearly regurgitate their $6 hot dog (soggy on buck nights). But I believe we will have a winner one day!

It’s about loyalty here. I’m not going to jump on the Yankee or Red Sox band wagon. What fun is that? “Pit Bull defeats ant.” They can sign another future hall of famer for $20 million and mix him in with a supporting cast to rival Ocean’s Eleven. Rooting for them is like rooting for Bill Gates to hit the Power Ball or Brad Pitt to get the girl. Loyalty is a BIG thing in life and that’s the one thing a true fan can take out of this! At some point the Royals will win and I can say I was there through thick and thin! (Poetry in motion right there)

So as the fall season begins at Northwest, I’m very excited about putting the tough losing summer months behind me as a fan and focusing on the success our university has had and will hopefully have again this year in all sports. We all know how much effort goes into being successful and I know every team on campus is ready to put forward that effort again this season. I hope all of our great fans will continue to get out and support our great teams here at Northwest. You all mean so much to our winning tradition! As for the Royals…You just wait, next year is the year!!

Sports are very symbolic of life in general…We should continue to work hard, never be content, and be thankful for our successes. We should also be thankful for what we have and not take anything for granted, knowing we could easily lose it. Finally, we should be optimistic & never give up during tough times knowing adversity only makes us stronger. That’s what life is all about!

This week, the shout out goes to Doug Karleskint (Former Northwest Graduate Assistant). Congrats on the new job at Arkansas Tech! We are happy for you and your family! We know you will do a great job!

Go Bearcats!

Good Luck Bearcat Football on Thursday!
Good Luck Bearcat Volleyball on Friday!
Good Luck Bearcat Soccer on Saturday!

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