Bearcats and Royals

The ups and downs of being a sports fan!

With the calm before the sports storms rolling in this week, for blog #2 I will jump outside the box a little, out of the pages Coach Stein…

What classifies being a winner? I would have to say hard work, team chemistry and attitude are ingredients that a winner mixes for success. Northwest Missouri State University is a winner. From top to bottom, the University has been very successful with academic and athletics standards second to none. Our faculty and staff are top-notch and our school is something we should all be proud of! Continue reading

Tips for Incoming Freshmen

They’re Back!

I grew up in a town of 220 people. When I was seven, my family and our neighbors went on vacation to California. The goal was Disneyland which had only recently opened. That took away eight people from my home town.

At the same time, my best friend’s family went on vacation to Colorado. They had five in the family. The biggest family in town, who had the only girl in our class, left for a trip to Kansas City. That was six people. Our small, public school was out for summer break. That meant three teachers were back in their hometowns. Continue reading

What I Hate About Sports

I loved almost every minute of my time in sports

You should be near the Northwest Missouri State University athletic department right now. I get a head start on most fall sports fans. Football, soccer and volleyball are all beginning their second week of practice. Golf may be at it, too, but I stay as far away from golf courses as possible. It may be hot outside, but fall sports have arrived at Northwest. Continue reading

Bearcat Blogs: Meyer Introduces Coach Mac

I’d like to open my first Bearcat Blog by introducing our new head men’s basketball coach Ben McCollum – the man in charge of leading the next chapter of Bearcat basketball. Coach McCollum inherits a program that since 2000 has enjoyed seven 20-win seasons, two MIAA championships, two MIAA tournament titles and advanced to the Elite Eight in 2002 and 2004.

Coach McCollum was a member of the 2001-02 Elite Eight team and roamed the sidelines as a graduate assistant for the 2003-04 Elite Eight team. He’ll continue to preach hard work, unselfishness, mental toughness and character – the staples of a program headed by Steve Tappmeyer for more than two decades. Continue reading

Planes, Trains an Automobiles

I know I shouldn’t, but I have a few left over rants from the family vacation to Tampa. Last week, I compared it to the Griswald’s trip to Wally World. After what happened on the way home, it’s John Candy’s “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.”

My problems started with trying to get to Tampa as quickly as possible. There was a 7:10 a.m. flight that I jumped on. Why Tera at Maryville Travel didn’t warn me of my family’s reaction, I’ll never know. My wife, Michele, and son, Sam, let me have it for the early flight for weeks prior to the vacation. Continue reading

Summer Vacation

Remember Clark Griswald and National Lampoon’s Summer Vacation? Well, this is about the Steinmeyer’s and their version of a vacation. If you remember the movie, an aunt dies in the backseat and the family dog is drug to death on the bumper of the car, but they made it to Wally World.

Here’s how my family plans a vacation. My nine-year old son, Sam, picks a major league baseball city, any baseball city. I then check into possible vacation packages from the airlines. I ask a friend with connections to help me find good baseball game tickets and it’s off we go. Continue reading