Recruiting Feeding Frenzy

I always tell the high school players I’m recruiting to enjoy the whole process. Never in their lives will they receive this much attention. Sure, coach’s phone calls seem to come about the time your boyfriend is calling. You must admit though, that mail box full of letters is pretty cool.

The evaluation period during the summer is a feeding frenzy for coaches and recruits. I’ve traveled to Kearney, Kansas City twice and Ankeny this July. My assistant, Lori Hopkins, has been to Sioux Falls, S.D., among other places. Past summers have seen us travel to Portland, Memphis, Las Vegas and Chattanooga. Most of the MIAA schools make the same trips, too. We even car pool sometimes. Continue reading

Tara Roach: A Success in the Making

The most challenging part of Journalism 101 was learning to write a first-person story. Journalism 101 is about as far as I got into that college major. However, now blogging has forced a lot of journalists to follow the rules of a first-person story. I am going to attempt that as I try to give the Northwest Nation an insight into our women’s basketball program.

Most people think coaches’ favorite players are those that are our leading scorer or a four-year starter. That’s not always true, and I would never admit to having a favorite player. Sometimes, though, a player will be so unique that you can’t help but root for their success. Continue reading