Reflecting and Resting

We got back home last night. It was a long day of traveling and sitting! But i am very grateful for this wonderful opportunity. This truly has been life changing. I have learnt that even though we stop hearing about natural disasters that doesn’t mean that all the damage has been fixed. It takes months and sometimes years for it all to get remotely close to back to “normal”. And it takes the help from all over to make that happen!
I also loved how everyone was able to come together and accomplished so much even though we knew very little about one another. This week i have grown closer to everyone who was a part of ASB! I honestly have nothing but great things to say. But until next time ASB! Thank you! ❤️

Floor Boards for Four or More Days

This ASB trip was the most fun I have had in a while. The combination of beautiful weather, fun, good, people, and hard work for a cause, all came together to make for a memorable experience.

My group went to a mobile home and replaced their floor and drywall. We never ended up meeting the owners, but seeing the progress we made over the course of the week was quite rewarding.

The area was beautiful. The weather was a nice change from Missouri’s horrible winter. And the church members were all very friendly and thankful for what we were doing.


We are officially back in Maryville and done with the trip, so after a full night’s rest, here are my final thoughts about the trip.

Throughout the rest of the week, our group hung sheetrock throughout the rest of the house. We finished 4 full rooms, and made good progress on the largest one. It was really neat to see the progress we made on the house, but I wish we could’ve done something different throughout the week. Sheetrock was just a long process.

I really enjoyed our day off on Friday at the Carolina Boardwalk. I enjoyed shopping around, SeaWich, and the beach. SeaWich was delicious, and had really good service. The beach was so nice. It was probably the nicest day of the entire trip. I also had a really good nap on the beach.

The plane rides home weren’t terrible. The second ride had some turbulence, but overall they were fine. I’m glad to be back, but I am definitely going to have some Post North Carolina sadness.

Last Night (Thursday)

Words are hard to express how amazing this week has been with this group of incredible people. My cup overflows as I reflect on this week and all the fun we have shared together!

It was our last day on site and we got a lot accomplished! We came together as a group and finished up a few more walls of sheetrock while also jamming along to some great music.

We also did an activity to end the night where we wrote little notes to each other on pieces of paper that had our names in the center. Just the encouragement and love I received from this group brought tears to my eyes. I am so thankful for this week. I’ll remember these days forever.

Wednesday Adventures!

Yesterday was a wonderful day!
To start, we traveled to our area where we eat breakfast and got ready to go to our sites for the day. My group then headed to our site where we would finish doing sheetrock on some walls. It has been a fun experience because my group members all get along well, we laugh, and listen to music together. We have definitely bonded through the hard work and all that comes with it.
I’m really thankful for this experience because the people in ASB are so great. Everyone brings something different to the table and we all have fun doing it! I’ve made some extraordinary friends and memories that will last a lifetime.
I’m so grateful to be serving with these people!

Gillian Stanley – 1st Blog Post

Day 1:

Our first day on the job was a great learning experience. At first, I did not take inititave because I did not know what I was doing. After a few hours of working, I took on other jobs and began working on the back bedroom. We made a lot of progress. We pulled out all the nails out of the floor boards and began getting the glue off.

Day 2:

During the second day, we finished getting the glue off of the floor boards and getting the closet ready. We worked very hard on the second day amd made a lot of progress. We all talked about how rewarding this type of community work is.

North Carolina – Hurricane Relief

Today is day four! This week so far has been nothing less than amazing. I have enjoyed getting to know the group from California and talking about what they and the our other half of our group have been doing during the day since we are at different sites.
We have been at the same house all week. Working on laying installation, flooring and sheetrock. We ripped out nails, and scraped all the glue off the floor joists and walls.
In the house we are working on there is a door that has the name “lily” on it. It also has little stickers of power puff girls, and drawing on the walls in blue marker. As I looked at all of this I got emotional. This little girl hasn’t been in her home, in her bedroom since September, when the hurricane happened. And to think they still wouldn’t be anywhere close to moving back in without the help of the American Red Cross and the volunteers. It truly is amazing.
This trip has helped me open my eyes more about how people have been going through and how life change natural disasters are especially to someone less fortunate to have good insurance, if an insurance at all. I’m glad I had the privilege of being a part of ASB and experiencing this life impacting trip.

ASB Blog Post 1- Katie Harris

These couple of days have been a blast. My group was focused on putting up drywall in the house. Our leader Dave said that the owner was living four hours away and that she would come up during the weekends to see progress on the house. Going into the experience I was really nervous because I didn’t have any experience whatsoever with tools or building. I am also a very clumsy and uncoordinated person so I was nervous that I was going to get hurt. The first day that we put up the dry wall was a little rough, our group kept on messing up and we didn’t get a lot of things done. I was really discouraged and even though we were helping someone I still was not feeling good about the whole experience. Then the second day of service came and it went a lot better, our group got our groove and we started to put up more and more dry wall. There was still some rough patches but it went a lot better. I got my confidence back and I felt that we were actually making a difference in the woman’s live. The third day we finally got the room done that we were working on and it felt so great! We finally saw definite progress in our project. Overall the experience on the trip has been great so far and I am learning a lot about myself and what I am capable in service. Before this trip I didn’t think that I was even capable of building more than a bird house and now I know that I can do so much more!35A54C81-C469-4A58-8E07-4363D06A85BA

Day 4

Today was super productive for Group Adam. We finished the putting the floor down in the back bedroom and are ready to finish up the third bedroom flooring. After that we have drywall to hang tomorrow & then it will be onto kitchen demo. I don’t think we will have the time for that this week though sadly. It has been incredibly rewarding to see how far the house has come since we started Monday morning & I cannot wait to see what it looks like when we leave tomorrow. To think we are making a difference in someone’s life is a gift within itself. These people here in North Carolina have been removed from their homes since September.

This past year I have spent a lot of time figuring out who I am as a person and went out on a limb to sign up for Alternative Spring Break. Turns out we ended up coming to a place that means so much to me personally. A big part of my family lives in North Carolina and the state has become my second home. The fact that this trip is helping a population that is so close to my heart is just an added benefit. I am so thankful that I got this opportunity and would recommend the experience to anyone.

NC 🏝🌊

Hi here from North Carolina!! It’s super windy and a little bit chilly!! The ocean was really rolling today.

This is my first trip with ASB and I love it so much. The people here are great and soooo nice. I’ve enjoyed helping rebuild a home for someone that was displaced because of the hurricane. I feel blessed to have gotten the opportunity to come on this trip.

It has also been a great experience seeing the ocean for the first time. The ocean is soooo big and beautiful. Looking forward to tomorrow and the things to come then. Seeing the progress that we have made feels so accomplishing.318E3C8A-69EF-4695-BD45-DCFAB8A0E02E