Washington DC – Day 3

On the third day, we volunteered at a senior’s long term care facility. Here we were able to interact and converse with the residents. During our stay here we mostly kept the residents company. The employees allowed us to polish the female residents’ fingernails, since that was something they enjoyed. It was a simple yet [more…]

Washington DC – Day 2

The second day of our trip, two of our groups went to the Capitol Area Food Bank. Here, we were able to help them re-package boxes of collected food that were to be sent out to different shelters and be distributed across DC. I was amazed at how large the food bank was when we [more…]

Washington DC – Day 1

Our first day volunteering in DC, my group was assigned to go to Martha’s Table, an organization who works to provide food, education, and opportunities. While there, we were assigned to help with the preparation of the evening meal. It was interesting to know that, although we only had 7 of us from NW and 2 [more…]

Washington D.C.- Day 4

Today we worked a place called Martha’s Outfitter’s which is an actually thrift store. Martha’s Outfitters is connected to a soup kitchen called Martha’s Table and a few other operations.  However at Martha’s Outfitter they do more for those who are homeless, because they had a list of things that they were able to grab [more…]

Washington D.C.- Day 3

Today we got to go to our service site without Amy because she was sick and couldn’t leave the hotel. We took the metro transit all the way to Rockville, Maryland, which was 13 stops away which is roughly 50 minutes. When we got off the transit we had to jump on to a bus [more…]

Washington D.C. – Day 2

Today was a long day we went to our service site and also serviced dinner to some people who are experiencing homelessness. Our group and Marcy’s group all went to the Capital Area Food Bank to sort through their donations and other things that have purchased. Personally, I was in the group that went through [more…]

Washington D.C. – Day 1

Today, we began our week long service for the homeless and those who need the food. At the beginning when walking to the YSOP’s location I didn’t know what to expect from this week and how it would all play put. We had our orientation then split up and went to separate location, I started out [more…]

D. C.-Service Day 4

For our last day of service we worked cleaning up the yard of a woman who could no longer complete the full amount of yard care on her own. The company we volunteered with helps elderly who are homeless to find homes as well as helping those who already have homes to maintain the upkeep [more…]

D.C.-Service Day 3

For our third service project we worked in a nursing home facility. The group that I was split into spent the morning painting the nails of residents who wanted their nails done. I enjoyed having conversations with each lady whose nails I painted about their experiences growing up in DC and their families. Although these [more…]

Washington D.C-Day 4

Thursday was our last day volunteering with YSOP. This was my second time partnering with this organizing and hopefully I will get another chance to come back. YSOP does a great job at giving volunteers hands on experience and they do a great job at making sure you volunteer at a place where you will [more…]