Iona Senior Services

On March 25th, 2016, my group was able to work with Iona Senior Services. This was a fun experience for me because we were able to work with a farmer’s market of sorts, and I have never been to one from the seller’s perspective. Even though we were not selling the food, we were still [more…]

D.C. Day 1 – Martha’s Table

Today was our first day working with YSOP in Washington, D.C.  We arrived early in the morning for orientation and then got into our assigned groups and parted ways. My group was headed to Martha’s Table. Martha’s Table is an organization that provides a variety of services to the homeless. Their main goals are to [more…]

D.C. Day 3- Capital Area Food Bank

During the third day of the ASB Bearcats leaving our mark in the nation’s capital, my team energetically worked hand in hand with another volunteer group from Ikea at the Capital Area Food Bank. This organization located in the Washington metro area is working towards solving hunger and its companion problems that include chronic undernutrition, heart [more…]

D.C. Day 1- Iona Senior Services

It’s early in the morning of day one as my team eagerly navigated our way through the metro and the streets of Washington, D.C. to our first designation at the St. Alban’s Episcopal Church.  There the Iona Senior Services Organization holds the key to the success of the volunteer program that is ran in that [more…]

Day 4

We spent our last day volunteering with Martha’s Table the merchandising side. It reminded me of a goodwill. We spent the first hour of our shift hanging up shirts in a back room and then rotating them out on to the sales floor. They were really strict on what got hung up on what hangers [more…]

Day 3

Today was the day that we took a trip to Maryland and spent time packing meals for families. The organization was funded purely on donations. Whether that be from restaurants or from those more fortunate. Our job was to sort through the fruit and make sure it was all fresh and that it could be [more…]

Day 2

We arrived at Capital City Food Bank and our group was split into two groups. I was in charge of resorting the food that the group before us incorrectly sorted. We were given three bins and told to separate what could be eaten from that which was spoiled. The spoiled food would be feed to [more…]

Day 1

This morning we attended an orientation. During the orientation we discussed what we would be doing this week. We also wrote letters to ourselves answering the following questions, “Last time I saw a homeless person, I felt…” After we were finished with Orientation we split into our groups and left for our volunteer sites. My [more…]

Washington DC – Day 5

On our last day in DC, our time volunteering was completed. We spent this day visiting the Holocaust Museum along with the few Smithsonian’s we were able to squeeze in. Our groups split up and conquered the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and the National Museum of American History. Once we finished our tour [more…]

Washington DC – Day 4

On Thursday, the 4th day in DC, my group was sent to Seabury which is a company designed to go to the homes of the elderly who need assistance taking care of their homes – inside and out. Here, we were sent to a woman’s house where we cleaned up her yard and revitalized her gardens. [more…]