D.C. Day 2- Seabury Resources for the Aging

On Tuesday, my team worked alongside a private organization known as Seabury Resources for the Aging. This organization’s mission is to provide personalized, affordable services and housing options to help older adults in the greater Washington, D.C. area live with independence and dignity to keep them beyond the step of experiencing homelessness. That day I [more…]

Day 4

We spent our last day volunteering with Martha’s Table the merchandising side. It reminded me of a goodwill. We spent the first hour of our shift hanging up shirts in a back room and then rotating them out on to the sales floor. They were really strict on what got hung up on what hangers [more…]

Day 3

Today was the day that we took a trip to Maryland and spent time packing meals for families. The organization was funded purely on donations. Whether that be from restaurants or from those more fortunate. Our job was to sort through the fruit and make sure it was all fresh and that it could be [more…]

Service Day 3: Washington D.C.

We had an early wake up call again but I feel asleep right as we got back from the service dinner the night before and was well rested. We hopped on the metro and rode to the station where a van waited for us. We rode in the van to the Capital Area Food Bank. [more…]

An Ecological Classroom in Puerto Rico

Several of our days in Puerto Rico were spent working on building benches for an outdoor ecological classroom. We worked with a crew that had been working on the classroom. We spent our time hammering and cutting wood. This was new to a lot of us. It was hard work and there were a lot [more…]

Blog 2 – Rachel Roush

One of the events that probably impacted me the most was going to the lower ninth ward. People don’t really understand how lucky they are, especially me. I take my life and all the things in it for granted. Seeing all the destroyed houses and spaces where houses used to stand really made me think. [more…]

Jessica Triplett blog 3

Our trip has now come to an end and I cannot explain how humbled and grateful I am for this experience. I was able to lend my hand in helping those who are in need and do so with a group of great people. My eyes were opened by so much I saw, that I [more…]

Kara German Blog 3

On Wednesday, Kaitlyn, Jessica and I chose to stay behind and paint the railings of the church. To be completely honest, I was not terribly excited about staying behind and doing this, but in the end I am glad that I did, because I learned a lot about the ways that I think, versus the [more…]

Kara German Blog 2

On Tuesday, I got the pleasure of not only working on Ms. Jeanette’s house, but the chance to speak with her as well. One of the most interesting things that I learned was that you should get a primer that has a shade of the color you are wanting to paint in it, because if [more…]

Jennifer Runde

Blog 1 The first project we did was demolishing a burned down house. I knocked down drywall, shoveled up debre, and carried trash to the dumster. The one thing I will remember from that day is when I was helping carry out a melted bathtub. A gentleman from across the street saw us and asked [more…]