Buildin’ and Beachin’

It’s Thursday, our second to last day here. We can’t believe how fast our time here is flying by! Today we only had a half day of working so we could spend the afternoon sightseeing. We drove down to St. Augustine to rebuild a jetty that had been partially destroyed by the recent weather conditions. [more…]

This is just a big ol’ summary…

TUESDAY – 3/20 Out of all the days on this trip, this one was simultaneously the worst and the best of them all. We split up into two different groups this time so we could cover more projects in the morning. One group went to go help residents move back into their apartment after they [more…]

We ROCKED March 22, 2018

I can’t believe it is our second to last day. This trip has been so rewarding. I am so happy to be apart of such a great team and exec board. Our team this year has all become close. This trip has been very different from my first trip, last year to Louisiana. Which I [more…]

Day One. Check.

MONDAY – 3/19 We’re finally here after such a long wait. We’ve already finished our first day of work and we’re getting ready for the rest of the week. Since it was pouring buckets this morning, our beach cleanup was postponed until later. So we began our day at the Ripault Club house on Fort [more…]

We Out(ta) Here – Final Night’s Rundown

Hey y’all – Since I’m in group three, tonight (Thursday the 22nd) is my night to post on the blog. This is the last night Northwest ASB is spending in Jacksonville, which means our last night in the church. I’d like to start out by saying that I am absolutely thankful for this roof over [more…]

Thursday March 22

Today we went to Fort Marazana National Park down in the St. Augustine area of Florida, where we helped clean a jetty. A jetty allows the bank to stop and prevent water from overflowing allowing people to walk across. From the damage of hurricane Irma the jetty got destroyed and it was our job to [more…]

Day 3

Today was interesting. Our large group of 22 was split into two groups, both of which had different tasks. One group was responsible for demolishing an old board walk that was destroyed by hurricane Irma. The other group was responsible for clearing branches that were blocking paths on a hiking trail.  My group was the [more…]

A Little Rain Never Hurt Nobody

Yesterday Florida was not exactly the sunshine state. Because of the rain we spent the day moving tenants back into a apartment building that burnt down in the summer. While helping unpack, our group was introduced to a very diverse group of people. One person in particular touched my heart. Her name was Ms. Mattie. [more…]

My Experience So Far

My experience with the trip to Florida so far has been amazing. I have met so many people with very positive attitudes about service and life in general. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to do this. Many people do not have the means to travel or live comfortably like I do, and [more…]

Jacksonville 3/21

Today (Wednesday) we went to Little Talbot Island State Park where  I got to help clear hiking trails by removing plants that were covering the walkways. The hike that we went on was about three miles long and we got to see all sorts of plants and wildlife. We came across banana trees, live oaks, [more…]