Sephrina Knorr – Blog #3

On Monday, we were blessed to go on a tour with a fantastic tour guide that was like a human encyclopedia of the past and the current facts of New Orleans. After he guided us through several parishes (districts), we ended the tour in the Ninth Ward. This area was hit the worst during the [more…]

Shea Zion – blog 3

I’ve taken a lot of vacations and I’ve definitely learned different things on each of them. The alternative spring break trip to New Orleans is, by far, the vacation I’ve learned the most on. I learned more than what they taught us on the tours or the tricks we learned during our volunteer hours. I [more…]

About Community Collaborations International

        Community Collaborations International is a program that organizes teams of volunteers from universities and colleges across the country and put them to work where help is needed.      Community Collaborations International was founded in 1994 and has managed over 5,000 volunteers from over 70 universities and other groups providing disaster relief [more…]

About United Saints Recovery Project

          United Saints is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization that is working to restore homes and hearts of communities affected by natural disasters. The mission is to aide communities that have suffered damages from natural disasters, help residents return to their homes, improve their quality of life, and strengthen their communities. United Saints does [more…]