We are officially back in Maryville and done with the trip, so after a full night’s rest, here are my final thoughts about the trip.

Throughout the rest of the week, our group hung sheetrock throughout the rest of the house. We finished 4 full rooms, and made good progress on the largest one. It was really neat to see the progress we made on the house, but I wish we could’ve done something different throughout the week. Sheetrock was just a long process.

I really enjoyed our day off on Friday at the Carolina Boardwalk. I enjoyed shopping around, SeaWich, and the beach. SeaWich was delicious, and had really good service. The beach was so nice. It was probably the nicest day of the entire trip. I also had a really good nap on the beach.

The plane rides home weren’t terrible. The second ride had some turbulence, but overall they were fine. I’m glad to be back, but I am definitely going to have some Post North Carolina sadness.

Hangin’ Out & Hangin’ Sheetrock

At 3 am on Sunday, I woke up at Jessica’s house, got ready, and left to meet with the others. We then all went to the airport together. After 2 smooth flights, we went to Walmart and found the church we are staying at.

The CCI group has been very accommodating and helpful so far, and I am assuming they will be throughout the week. We got settled and I crashed pretty early.

We woke up this morning, Monday, and went to get breakfast pretty early. I was in Team A from ASB, so I went with my van to a house with Dave and a few people from Michigan.

My group put up sheetrock and others tore up a floor. I worked with a few others to put up sheetrock in a closet, which we finished. I felt really good about it because I was able to see the progress from the beginning of the day to the end. After we finished the closet, we moved on to one of the bedroom’s walls.

Tomorrow, Faith, Maggie, and I are going to work on the other bedroom and put up the sheetrock in there. Now that we know how to put it up, we are going to go faster. We figured out that if we split up even more than we did, we would be able to get more done.

It’s really cool to see the progress we’ve made and know that we’re making a difference. I like being able to finish projects we start on.