Day one:✔️

Today we finished our first day in Wilmington and I think the early plane ride yesterday is finally getting to us. We started the morning off eating breakfast with an adorable church community and then split up into groups to conquer more sights. The group that I was with got to go to a house and hang up sheet rock. It was definitely a learning experience and something I have never done before! I think everyone is excited to go back and work more tomorrow!

A Little Rain Never Hurt Nobody

Yesterday Florida was not exactly the sunshine state. Because of the rain we spent the day moving tenants back into a apartment building that burnt down in the summer. While helping unpack, our group was introduced to a very diverse group of people. One person in particular touched my heart. Her name was Ms. Mattie. Ms Mattie is a 52 year old widow from Chicago and in the little time I spent with her, her big heart shined.  We helped Ms. Mattie move back into her apartment and got to hear about her school life in Georgia and her slight tendencies to hoard. It was amazing to see how much our little bit of work brightened her whole day. It was also amazing to see how Ms. Mattie effected all of our attitudes. Even though it was not sunny outside, spending the day with Ms. Mattie brightened our day!