Floor Boards for Four or More Days

This ASB trip was the most fun I have had in a while. The combination of beautiful weather, fun, good, people, and hard work for a cause, all came together to make for a memorable experience.

My group went to a mobile home and replaced their floor and drywall. We never ended up meeting the owners, but seeing the progress we made over the course of the week was quite rewarding.

The area was beautiful. The weather was a nice change from Missouri’s horrible winter. And the church members were all very friendly and thankful for what we were doing.

My Experience So Far

My experience with the trip to Florida so far has been amazing. I have met so many people with very positive attitudes about service and life in general. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to do this. Many people do not have the means to travel or live comfortably like I do, and this trip has helped me to see that. On Tuesday the 20th we visited the apartment of an elderly woman named Mrs. Matty. Mrs. Matty had to move out of her old apartment because of a fire and had recently moved into the apartment we visited. When we knocked on her door and told her we were there to help her unpack and organize her place she became overwhelmed and burst into tears. She explained to us that the movers had thrown all of her stuff into boxes with no form of organization. She hadn’t taken a shower in weeks because her bathtub was filthy. When we unpacked her stuff she was very grateful and she asked us to throw away a lot of her things.
About 2 hours into our visit her kids came into the apartment and told us that Mrs. Matty was not in her right mind and we shouldn’t be throwing all of her stuff away. Mrs. Matty told us she was fine and could make decisions for herself. We ended up working it out in the end, but this whole experience made me realize how badly the elderly can be treated in this country and how they are often forgotten or tossed aside. Mrs Matty wasn’t the only elderly person we helped out, and the others were just as memorable.