Day One : Fun in the Sun!

It’s a beautiful Monday afternoon down here in sunny Jacksonville, even if the day didn’t start out this way. We woke up to a thunderstorm and pouring rain, which put a rough start to a beach clean-up day. To avoid getting soaking wet right away in the day, we drove to the Ribault Club, an old plantation-style country club. The club is opened to the public, and needed some detailed TLC. My group and I were in charge of cleaning windows, and there were a ton!

After that, we had a half hour of downtime before lunch, so we visited the Kingsley Plantation. The rain had finally stopped and the sun came out just in time! There was a beautiful house with a kitchen house attached, and former slave houses lined the property. Not only was the historical significance interesting, but the environmental aspect was just as exciting! Around the back of the property was a single orange tree, and for someone from the Midwest it was different! While we looked at the slave houses, a peacock opened his feathers to show off.

We then drove to Little Tobalt Island and had lunch. After that, we each got a trashbag and began doing beach clean up! The weather was perfect, sunny and 75, and al of us walked up and down five miles of dunes and shore lines picking up garbage. We stumbled upon cacti, turtle shells, and crab holes. The sun was warm on our backs but a cool breeze kept us comfortable. After a couple hours of cleanup we were done for the day.

Right now, we are gathering for dinner and the rain is starting again. The refreshing cool air is pouring into the dining room as day one comes to a close!