Last Night (Thursday)

Words are hard to express how amazing this week has been with this group of incredible people. My cup overflows as I reflect on this week and all the fun we have shared together!

It was our last day on site and we got a lot accomplished! We came together as a group and finished up a few more walls of sheetrock while also jamming along to some great music.

We also did an activity to end the night where we wrote little notes to each other on pieces of paper that had our names in the center. Just the encouragement and love I received from this group brought tears to my eyes. I am so thankful for this week. I’ll remember these days forever.

Wednesday Adventures!

Yesterday was a wonderful day!
To start, we traveled to our area where we eat breakfast and got ready to go to our sites for the day. My group then headed to our site where we would finish doing sheetrock on some walls. It has been a fun experience because my group members all get along well, we laugh, and listen to music together. We have definitely bonded through the hard work and all that comes with it.
I’m really thankful for this experience because the people in ASB are so great. Everyone brings something different to the table and we all have fun doing it! I’ve made some extraordinary friends and memories that will last a lifetime.
I’m so grateful to be serving with these people!

Day three

Today was an amazing day!
It was our second day working with Helping Hands and I learned so many new things from my experience working with this organization. We worked on a house that was directly affected by the flood and did some interior fixes. For example, my small team worked on installing insulation and drywall. It was really neat being able to do and learn how to do such hard work! I didn’t think it would be too bad, but as yesterday and today approached I came to realize how tired I was!

My site leader Paul was awesome! There was also another volunteer there named Dave and it was so nice to get to know him! Without this experience with Helping Hands and Alternative Spring Break in general, I would have never of met some of the people I have gotten to this week. That’s probably been the coolest part.

My favorite part of the day: My favorite part of the day was sitting around at lunch time! Everyone got to share their stories and past experiences and loved that! It’s been fun getting to know my team members better as well as the other volunteers!

Day 1 and 2

We arrived late Sunday night to a man with a big smile. We were fed pizza and got a short run down of what the trip was going to entail as well as the expectations for ourselves we should be on the lookout for. The man challenged us to take in each day and each experience. I thought this was interesting because most times we are in fast motion almost forgetting to breathe and take in our surroundings. To “stop and smell the roses” is true. My goal for this week is to take some time out of each day to reflect on what is really happening throughout the week and how my life is being affected as well as the lives of the Baton Rouge community.

Monday, our first service day, we arrived at the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. There we weighed and packaged food, assembled boxes, loaded palettes, and unloaded storage like units full of canned goods for the Baton Rouge community. This organization is a non-profit that had also been affected by the flood. Their desire for their volunteers is to come twice. Go once and then come back again! The environment was friendly and the work was challenging, but we all made it through with eager spirits!

Following after the food bank, we traveled down to a local school to participate in their after school activities. We specifically worked with the Boys and Girls Club. There we assisted students with homework and were able to play with them in the gym. I was surprised by the welcoming spirits of the children and their kindness. I felt an instant connection with them. Working alongside them was fun and gave me a sense of purpose. Their dependency on us to help them learn was something special and not to be taken lightly. They were a delight!

Favorite part of the day: My favorite part of the day was working with the students with Boys and Girls Club. I worked with a young girl who specifically made my day. Her family had been affected by the flood, but you would never have guessed it. She was sweet, smart, and her kindness warmed my heart!