Today my group went to a nature park and helped clean up a few trails. We trimmed a bunch of trees so that they were in the way, cut down a bunch of weeds growing on the path, and exterminated a lot of plants that were killing others. The tour guide/trail guy knew a lot [more…]


We met the owner of the house we have been working on today! It was so humbling. She started to tear up when she said goodbye and that’s when everything really hit me. She hasn’t lived in her house since August–hearing that broke my heart. Being able to meet her and hear her story made [more…]


Today was the first day we worked construction. The house my group went to needed a lot of insulation done, so we were covered in micro glass by the end of the day! The house got so hot that the windows were fogging up, even when they were open. But the daughter of the lady [more…]