Thursday March 22

Today we went to Fort Marazana National Park down in the St. Augustine area of Florida, where we helped clean a jetty. A jetty allows the bank to stop and prevent water from overflowing allowing people to walk across. From the damage of hurricane Irma the jetty got destroyed and it was our job to [more…]

ASB Reflection

Hey everyone, I just finished up this ASB experience. On Thursday I went back to the food bank (we had the option between environmental and food bank). That night we got to experience a bit of Louisiana culture and shop as well. I loved the food bank the second day because the director is super [more…]

Blog 3/20-3/22

Hi guys, I’m Avery and this is my first time on Alternative Spring break. This trip has only been 3 days but it has been a blast! It’s so exciting to see both ASB and all the volunteers here that are dedicating their time to help the community. I’m so thankful to be apart of [more…]