Thursday March 22

Today we went to Fort Marazana National Park down in the St. Augustine area of Florida, where we helped clean a jetty. A jetty allows the bank to stop and prevent water from overflowing allowing people to walk across. From the damage of hurricane Irma the jetty got destroyed and it was our job to work as a team to put it together. The rocks had to be jigsawed together in order to make it flat. After this we were able to spend the other half of the day for fun at the beach in St. Augustine! I really enjoyed learning what a jetty was and then seeing how much work we got accomplished. It looked so good!!

ASB Reflection

Hey everyone, I just finished up this ASB experience. On Thursday I went back to the food bank (we had the option between environmental and food bank). That night we got to experience a bit of Louisiana culture and shop as well. I loved the food bank the second day because the director is super nice and we had a great time. Also a group from the local high school came to help. They were special needs students and it was so fun. We had a dance party and were efficient while sorting through the food. The best experience is because I am wanting to be a special needs teacher so this allows me with a win-win situation! I got to help serve while interacting and getting to meet special needs students. There are always those situations where you realize how easy it is to serve– it really puts into perspective how easy it is to serve. I hope everyone there also took that lesson away because they were hard workers and easily joined us for some work and fun.

Visiting New Orleans and going on a swamp tour was pretty neat both to see a bit of Louisiana culture but it also allowed us to bond too! Seeing all the shows in the middle of downtown is super neat and a huge difference between here and Missouri. I really enjoyed this experience and I can’t just pinpoint the best moment but I’ll share some. One of my favorite was working at the food bank the second time as stated before. I didn’t get to meet the home owner like I had wished but that’s okay because I still have a good idea of how much this volunteering means to them, plus I got to hear some other stories. The staff we worked with on the house were amazing and so fun to be around it made work not seem as much work as it was. I really enjoyed talking to them and asking about their life, how they got into volunteering and etc. My leader Paul has been to all 50 states and travels a lot and Dave is retired and still values his time to volunteering– such big hearts. Overall the best part is knowing why I came here and forming those relationships with people I met as well as this ASB group. It was a blast and I have stories that I can pass on and for sure will.

Blog 3/20-3/22

Hi guys, I’m Avery and this is my first time on Alternative Spring break. This trip has only been 3 days but it has been a blast! It’s so exciting to see both ASB and all the volunteers here that are dedicating their time to help the community. I’m so thankful to be apart of this trip. The first day we helped at the Food Bank from 8-3ish. This was super fun, it really represents how much need there is for donations. One of the biggest facts was how people only donate around the holidays and that money actually goes farther. During this we packed bins and separated cans/ inventory and whatever was needed. That afternoon we got to go to a local school and help out with the after school club. This was super fun the students are so inviting and willing to be our friends! They were super fun and I had a great time– I wish I could go back. The next two days we helped out with All Hands disaster volunteer project. Through this we got to see the homes and get a chance to hear stories about how the flood affected others. Then we got to work on homes ourselves. It’s a lot of work but well worth it, knowing that we are helping families. I enjoyed working with a team and we got a lot accomplished. The time passed by so quickly and I grew closer with the ASB team while participating in this. After getting to meet all these people and dedicate my time, my heart definitely grows because I can put names to faces to real stories. So it allows me to have a greater effect than there already was. It’s been a great couple of days, but they have sure been fun and life changing!