Post Trip

Well we are all finally home from one heck of a week. This week has been so incredibly humbling. I could not imagine being in the position these people have been in the past seven months. Working with this awesome group of people and seeing the progress we made over the course of the four days was so rewarding. Just to know how much of a difference you are making in someone’s life was the biggest reward. There was so much left to do to get the home we were working on back to “live in” conditions, but we made some really great progress.

I could not image doing anything else with my spring break. This group of people is one of a kind.

Day 4

Today was super productive for Group Adam. We finished the putting the floor down in the back bedroom and are ready to finish up the third bedroom flooring. After that we have drywall to hang tomorrow & then it will be onto kitchen demo. I don’t think we will have the time for that this week though sadly. It has been incredibly rewarding to see how far the house has come since we started Monday morning & I cannot wait to see what it looks like when we leave tomorrow. To think we are making a difference in someone’s life is a gift within itself. These people here in North Carolina have been removed from their homes since September.

This past year I have spent a lot of time figuring out who I am as a person and went out on a limb to sign up for Alternative Spring Break. Turns out we ended up coming to a place that means so much to me personally. A big part of my family lives in North Carolina and the state has become my second home. The fact that this trip is helping a population that is so close to my heart is just an added benefit. I am so thankful that I got this opportunity and would recommend the experience to anyone.