Day 3

Today was interesting. Our large group of 22 was split into two groups, both of which had different tasks. One group was responsible for demolishing an old board walk that was destroyed by hurricane Irma. The other group was responsible for clearing branches that were blocking paths on a hiking trail.  My group was the trail clean-up crew and we were split into two more teams so that we could cover the entire trail before our day was over. We made huge progress and even cut down a large branch that was blocking hikers paths. The group that was working on the boardwalk made huge progress and helped to get a lot of it deconstructed.

A ranger also spoke to us about sea turtles and how us cleaning up the beaches was helping the turtles get to safety to lay their eggs and get back to the ocean. We got to see the skull of a leather back turtle and the shell of a different kind of turtle. The ranger also answered questions about how turtles dig their holes and how many clutches they can lay in a breeding season. He also answered how rangers could tell the difference between the type of turtle nests.

At the end of the day our whole group went out to downtown Jacksonville and enjoyed a night out on the town. A large group of us ended up in one restaurant, while others ended up in a sushi joint and another restaurant. Our time in downtown Jacksonville was well earned and let us take some time to relax and enjoy the scenery. Hopefully our half day on Thursday will be nice so that we can enjoy the beach and our day off.