Reflecting and Resting

We got back home last night. It was a long day of traveling and sitting! But i am very grateful for this wonderful opportunity. This truly has been life changing. I have learnt that even though we stop hearing about natural disasters that doesn’t mean that all the damage has been fixed. It takes months and sometimes years for it all to get remotely close to back to “normal”. And it takes the help from all over to make that happen!
I also loved how everyone was able to come together and accomplished so much even though we knew very little about one another. This week i have grown closer to everyone who was a part of ASB! I honestly have nothing but great things to say. But until next time ASB! Thank you! ❤️

North Carolina – Hurricane Relief

Today is day four! This week so far has been nothing less than amazing. I have enjoyed getting to know the group from California and talking about what they and the our other half of our group have been doing during the day since we are at different sites.
We have been at the same house all week. Working on laying installation, flooring and sheetrock. We ripped out nails, and scraped all the glue off the floor joists and walls.
In the house we are working on there is a door that has the name “lily” on it. It also has little stickers of power puff girls, and drawing on the walls in blue marker. As I looked at all of this I got emotional. This little girl hasn’t been in her home, in her bedroom since September, when the hurricane happened. And to think they still wouldn’t be anywhere close to moving back in without the help of the American Red Cross and the volunteers. It truly is amazing.
This trip has helped me open my eyes more about how people have been going through and how life change natural disasters are especially to someone less fortunate to have good insurance, if an insurance at all. I’m glad I had the privilege of being a part of ASB and experiencing this life impacting trip.