First Day Out

Monday March 19, 2018

The “liquid sun” met us early this morning in Jacksonville, FL, at Presbyterian Social Ministries. As we packed up in the van to head to the beach to do some clean up. Plans were changed, but not stopped. We detoured from the beach to do some inside work at the Kingsley plantation. One of the oldest plantations in Florida. I am a fellow Floridian and never knew that place ever existed, but that was a weird experience for me just it being a plantation and seeing actual places where people were oppressed and treated as property.  But after we did some detail cleaning with Plymouth State university  we got the chance to see the views off the island which were exceptional, then we proceeded to the beach clean up and it was cool, because that is where the students most interacted with each other.  It can only go up from there, looking forward to what’s to come tomorrow.